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disney does tudor

I almost feel bad for laughing so hard.

This movie would be epic. And very, very, very wrong.

(Hint: Kathryn Howard does not end well, either.)

Technically speaking, his wives went in pairs: 1 and 4 were divorced, 2 and 5 were beheaded, and 3 and 6 died in childbirth (though the sixth in childbirth with her second husband's kid, not his). It's a weird and disturbing symmetry symmetry.

I still wonder what about Anne of Cleves was so--whatever that he had to divorce on the spot. It's like the mystery of Philippe II of France's second wife, Ingeborg of Denmark; you have to wonder.

Also of note and joy:

The End of the Story, more period romance! Many period romances! And a metatextual examination of why we love them.

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