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The Toybox

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more stimulants, plz
children of dune - leto 1
...so level with me, how many five hour energy drinks can you have in say, two hours? 'Cause one just isn't cutting it.

This building is so depressing on Saturdays.

*pokes keyboard glumly while working*

Oh! To give me something to look forward to--anyone have LUSH recommendations? I think that is what I'm getting my sister for Christmas this year.

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I have many many Lush recommendations - what kind of thing were you thinking of? What scents does she like?

I am green with envy of people who aren't allergic to scents. GREEN I say!

Although I can tolerate the fruity stuff rather well, any recommendations?

The awesomeness of this product cannot be over-exaggerated (I use it myself, hair never more squeaky clean and the scent is fabulous):


Godiva for solid shampoo, rehab for liquid and alternated. Veganese for day to day conditioner, Retread for once a week. R&B is awesome for curly/coarse hair and smells amazing.

I am also addicted to Flying Fox shower gel (pure hit of jasmine, supposed to be good for pms). Smitten hand cream (smells like an almond cookie) and charity pot lotion seems nice and they have little $5 pots right now.

The masks are fantastic but have to refrigerated. My favs are Brazen Honey and Avesha. Cupcake is nice for acne prone skin as is Dark Angel cleanser. I used Angels on Bare Skin as my only cleanser all spring/summer long and it was great (normal/dry skin). I love the Gorgeous moisterizer but it is ridiculously over prices at like $80.

The massage bars are okay - pretty heavy, but smell awesome. I like therapy.
Bath products! The bubble bars are amazing - marzibain is my go-to almond scent. Amandopondo was a hit of rose that was also very nice. Bath Bombs are nice but not as lux - honey bee and vanilla fountain are two standards for me. I love love Ceridwen's Cauldron bath melt. It is a favorite, for sure.

I don't care for Big (shampoo) as it stripped my color (it has salt in it) or Curly Wurly as it weighed my hair down. Also, I felt American Cream and Coulin were not that great at conditioning.

Annnd now I kinda realize I might have a problem. A Lush problem.

Lush, depends on what your sister is into.

I find their bath bombs really fun. My best friend is getting an all-glitter assortment of Avobath, Dragon's Egg, and Fairy Jasmine. Their boxed gifts are also a really good way to start a Lush addiction.

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