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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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Mirrors into mirrors! I CAN SEE FOREVER!
children of dune - leto 1
Annnd sf_drama wank has hit journalfen.

Warning: These both cover transphobia, and in the original sf_drama post, racefail.

It’s a beautiful day in wankitywank, and we’re coming to you live from sf_drama at WankityWank

Random Lounge posts about it. Two wank comms, one wank. No cup involved.

Note: In Random Lounge is a two comment write up; whether or not the writer meant to, to me it reads as very biased and a hard slant toward mitigating some of the actions taken by mods and others involved. This anonymous comment pointed out that the writeup also left out every trans person involved.

This write-up works for me a lot better. Lady_Ganesh in comments in wankitywank also has a good summary.

Context: Original SF_Drama post and the follow-up which continues the saga and covers some recent journal deletions. [Bad username: sf_drama"] on DW also picked it up. I'm pretty sure fail_fandomanon did as well, but I can't find the link, so will add if I do. And title of post from eccentrikita's comment in SF_D.

Corrections, additions, please feel free to tell me.

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