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market_roulette is open for players!

Right, so I finished the spreadsheet for anyone who thinks they might want to play market_roulette and oh, there's a community.

[community profile] market_roulette

This will be a paper-only, no-actual-money-needed game to see who can make the best investments in the stock market over the next year.

It's set to moderated for now, so if you said something in my last post, you should get an invite, or just go ask to join. I'll have a public entry up with a (short) breakdown of how this will work,and trust me, it will be as simple or as complicated as the player wants to be. I haven't tried OpenID with comms, so if that works and you'd like to use that, we can test it now, or I think I have a couple DW codes for anyone who doesn't have an account and would like one.

If anyone is surprised I am leaping upon this like a wild hyena, really. First post will be up as soon as I'm done squeeing to myself. Or when I can control the squee well enough to make sense.


To play, again, this requires no money investment whatsoever. It will be done on paper only. The first post is here.

If you wish to join, I'll approve as soon as I get the request.

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