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these are the days of our lives
children of dune - leto 1
Moments of WTF: Inception.

Aversion for media often doesn't preclude fannishness; full disclosure, I liked Leonardo DiCaprio when he was wandering around less than five miles from my house filming a movie with Johnny Depp and being method and adorable and sixteen and apparently despite crippling shyness would wave at all the ten to fourteen (ninety) year old girls who would go after school to watch filming. Trust me, that sort of thing sticks with you.

(It also helps when I watch the movie, I can identify the places: that's Wal-Mart! That's that weird house! That's that field that people do donuts in! In one single frame somewhere, you can see the edge of my school!)

Which is how I end up in messes staring at Cobb/Arthur and Cobb/Sainto going where the hell is more of this? Inception, we'd have existed in a state of suspended hostility of you'd just cast someone else as Cobb.

(It is not that Hardy isn't awesome; I am saying, Hardy was not around during the first stages of puberty. And DiCaprio at sixteen was like the most awkward teenagerness you can imagine, like he had no idea on earth he was ungodly hot and why are all these rural girls not looking at Depp?

You may have had to be there, but like, five seconds of watching him was like my entire twelve to twenty; there was connection. I'd basically forgive him murder for those moments of body language of utter wtf, puberty sucks, puberty in eighty percent humidity opposite Johnny Depp sucks so much more, it's hot, there are girls watching me, oh my God is there water, I need more water, hi girls, tent, tent, tent, makeup, more water going to die now kthx, great, time to climb a water tower it's five thousand degrees what if I have to use the bathroom?, I'm sweaty and there are girls watching me (we so didn't mind), ohh, it's METHOD!TIME.

*hands* Conditioning works, yo.)

I'm not so much ashamed as surprised that still influences me so heavily. I mean, there's a fair to good chance I watch any movie he's in based on the fact he was around at a very developmentally crucial point in my adolescence and projected about the same amount of miserable resignation combined with fragile, desperate determination to survive to drinking age that the rest of us did in band practice and cross-country training at the ungodly heat and humidity. It was a cruel yet valuable lesson; even stars had to deal with authority figures who had no souls and made you do your thing even if you kinda wanted to die. Sometimes, the fuckers chucked you under the chin, too.

Coaches and film directors have a lot in common. Who knew?

This is how I explain I really need more Cobb fic and my God, fandom, where is it?

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As it happens, I was somewhat older when I saw that picture, but it still remains my favorite of both actors. They were so fresh and real in their characters. I think some of what you saw during filming came through and touched me, too.

In your post, you've certainly taken me back to that time and reminded me of the desperate emotions of adolescence. I'm going to try to remember if there are any films/actors who hit me that hard while I was going through it. I recall that I was doing the most serious reading of my life, trying to find enough hope to survive. Thanks for making me feel and think and remember.

That movie works for me on several levels, because they're both really young and in a lot of ways starting out--and both of them give insanely good performances--but I really get a visceral reaction to how young he was there. He was only a little odler than I was during filming, and man, I can still remember thinking so this misery is universal, huh?

And still a professional, considering that performance; heat, misery, sweat, climbing the water tower a few times, and still brought it like that.

All I can say is, I heart this post so hard, and I have loved Leo like whoa since he was the little homeless kid on Growing Pains, and I really, really wish there was more Cobbfic as well, particularly Cobb/Ariadne.

He was always so adorable. God. Just. *hands* More Cobbfic yes, please.

The Romeo & Juliet/Titanic craze started when I was eleven. I didn't have a crush on him - not because he wasn't crush worthy, but because I was kind of a late bloomer (and this was as everyone my age kept pinning a billion pictures to their walls and making up elaborate reincarnation/reunion scenarios that ended in them/Jack!Leo. I was baffled. Crushes looked pretty damn dumb to me at the time) - but I loved him. He was one of the first actors I was ever interested in following, and by and large he's been worth following, which is pretty awesome. Not to mention that I just have a lot of affection for him because I liked him when I was eleven.

But I'm also sure that my love of Cobb is real and would exist if someone else had played him. Cobb is fascinating and heartbreaking and ambiguous in lots of ways, and I want lots and lots of fic that explores that, and I want lots of fic that's just about how awesome he is (I also want so much more Cobb/Arthur or Cobb/Saito). But there seems to be this undercurrent of Cobb-hate in a few corners of Inception fandom that makes me sad. And part of me wonders if there's a shade or two of actor-aversion in there; if for people in a certain age range it's partly rejecting the guy they had a crush on when they were eleven because they aren't eleven anymore, and that also makes me sad. Because there is so much awesome here, and I wish there were more stories about it.

...I have wondered about actor-aversion, too. I was trying to think about DiCaprio's movies and how many made fannish hivemind and no, not many. So. *hands*

(Like kuwdora on DW, I was going to recommend Le Reve, Endymion and Infected (particularly Infected, the sequel's apparently going to be posted next) And I've been looking everywhere for je rêvais le bonheur, ardent mirage :D)

I'm afraid I've only got two others which might not be exactly what you're looking for:

(waves) break upon the shore: http://cherryice.livejournal.com/256921.html

Cobb from (awake) Mal's POV

Sorry it had to be like this: http://community.livejournal.com/inception_kink/5987.html?thread=8455011#t8455011

Cobb/Arthur humour

WEGG? is my complete favorite Leo DiCaprio film ever.

YES. He was frighteningly good in that one. Just--wow. According to those of my friends who fangirled the shoot, he was supermethod about it, too, which makes sense.

Just astonishing. Totally stole my heart.

I was a huge Titanic Fan back in the day (like watching the movie a ton, reading about the actual Titanic, pictures, obsessing, etc) and Leo was my big crush so I totally understand. I can't say any Inception pairing grabbed me, more of a plot movie for me but I'd definitely think there'd be some Cobb/Arthur out there at the very least.

Kirsten Dunst filmed a TV movie in my town when I was in grade school called Fifteen and Pregnant. I knew someone who was an extra in the prom scene, and they got all the extras pizza and she came and sat with them and goofed off like a regular teenager (which she was at the time). Hearing the girl talk about hanging with Kirsten Dunst was what made me realize that actors are regular people behind the screen.

... Tom Cruise also filmed a scene here and so I know he likes nonfat vanilla lattes, but he was already creepy then so I didn't care as much.

... that statement sounds inexplicable. Tom Cruise filmed a scene next to a local coffeeshop; bought a coffee; next 2 months all the coffee ladies talked about was how he liked his coffee.

There are some Cobb/Arthur recs on my delicious account, here:


I've loved Leonardo Dicaprio since Catch Me If You Can and I just never stopped. I even sat through Revolutionary Road for him, and I hated that movie so, so much.

For me it's more, God, I love your acting then I crushed on you like mad.

Sadly, I cannot bear him in Inception. I can't stand Cobb and his character is too much like the role he played in Shutter Island. I found it near impossible to sympathize with Cobb. But Leonardo still managed to make me weep inside in a few scenes, which shows how awesome he is.

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