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The Toybox

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i had to work today, but this made it worth it
children of dune - leto 1

Child (this has been a month of delightful child antics) has somehow:
a) Activated McAfee parent controls
b) Does not know the password

He is locked out of like, everything interesting on the net. I think teletubbies is blocked, even. I should make him check Disney, for his dignity. It's beautiful.

So far, he's tried command line overriding, staring vaguely at the screen while shaking one not-so-tiny fist, and staring at me beseechingly. For the record, I laughed. And by that, I mean, still am. If he's going to be this easy, life is very good. Kind of impressed he tried to command line it, even though I read it and realized it was how to command line freaking vista. And not well, either.

Me: You're locked out of your computer like a five year old. Ha ha!
Child: *sulks dramatically, draped across a recliner, woe*

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It's funny when they outsmart themselves. XD

Oh, Child. This is indeed a thing of joy and hilarity, and also a great embarrassing story for future reference. "Hey, remember that time you child-proofed your computer and couldn't crack it?"

LOL. I look forward to such moments with my son in the (gulp, far) future.

Its moments like these that make parenting worth it.....

This really ought to be metaquoted under the heading of 'unexpected benefits of offspring'

lolololololol WHOOPS.

see, now, just wait until he discovers a manual uninstall tool and wipes McAfee. that's what i would have done as a kid. :P

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