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there really are invisible computer people

Dear Invisible People Inside My Computer,

So like, on Friday, my son calls me at work and says, there's this box that says it goes in the refrigerator; do you want me to put it in there? The answer was yes, and to be fair, I thought he was talking about the box talking to him, so I didn't want to invalidate his talking box.

(if you say any of that paragraph surprised you, please refer to tag 'child')

As it turns out, there was a box. A box that didn't talk, as it turns out, and okay, yes, I should have maybe assumed that in the first place, but it was Friday and that is not the weirdest call from Child I ever got; it was more restful than 'I'm sorry about the hole, bye!" I mean, talking box is like, awesome. A friend at home!

I have no idea how to get this across in text to convey the sheer glee, but it had all the sugar-based food that I couldn't eat before surgery and so never actually talked about because the coffee thing was bad enough, but the list of questionable foods I was off by August was really--irritating--and I'd cut off some things proactively. Also there is a bear, which yes, there was a bear!. Obviously I wanted to know who sent it, so we went looking for the external box and apparently, it no longer existed, but Child said "It was the invisible computer people" and I thought, oh, funny, someone sent me candy and I'm going to have to actually say here "Did anyone send me chocolate?" or worse, maybe not mine.

There was also a Christmas bear--a Christmas Bear--so really, that did seem to suggest this all was mine, or I would claim it until the day I died.

Then on Tuesday, I come home to another box. One that also said refrigeration, and there were pears! And I was like, whose pears? I want pears! And I took one, and then realized they were my pears and hell yes, I don't have to share them! And strangely, it indeed was from "The Invisible People Inside My Computer" (Sorry I doubted you, Child, but come on, talking box) and while taking that box to the garage for future storage purposes, well, there was the first box, right there and there was card and yes, thank you, it was the perfect post-Horace glut of goodness.

I have not actually glutted myself, and eventually, I will share with Child. That was--I mean, unexpected understates the case. Talking box seemed more likely.

Thank you so much, and I apologize for the delay; this actual entry has been open since yesterday and then there was that entire--thing--and I was eating a pear late last night while frowning at that--thing--and oh, irony.

Thank you very, very much.


(Note: Trufax "invisible people inside my computer" is on the card. This is not a psychotic break. God, there was a card. This is so awesome.)

Further Note for Invisible People: okay, on the exterior paper that the card was under was your name, but I wasn't sure if you meant for that to be there or you were going for anonymous, but then it occurred to me what if it was supposed to be there and you think I can't read while I was finishing this entry. You're extremely awesome. Thank you.

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