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qaf recs

Bad headache. Going to bed.

These are basicaly what got me through teh day pre-bed.

The Language of Our Silences by shyllla -- beautiful, subtle bit of Brian and Justin quietness. Completely wonderful.

Brian glares for a moment, and turns toward the kitchen. Justin restrains himself from making a crack about domestic house fags, but that doesn't stop him from thinking it. Loudly. Brian puts away the Cheerios, the coffee, and the produce. His happiness is a subdued hum, inexplicable and inarticulate.

Three Weddings That Never Happened by josselin -- Wow, the sheer NUMBER of things that could go wrong. *grins*

One evening in the bar, when Brian was drunk and tripping and probably in a condition similar to the one he was in when Lindsay managed to convince him to donate for her to have Gus, Melanie convinced Brian to marry her.

Wild Fantasies by valerie_z Snarky Brian! Know-it-all Justin! Annoying Ted! It's like canon, but funnier!

"Hi," Blake held out his hand, as if he was leading a group therapy session instead of about to be ditched. "We've met before, right?"

"Right. It's good to see you again." Justin returned the handshake with one hand, while palming crotch with the other, ever the polite and efficient young man. Brian couldn't help but feel proud of what a damn good job he'd done raising him. "How are you doing, Ted?"

"He's fabulous," Brian interrupted. He stood up, wrapping one arm around Justin's chest. "Not rushing it, proving it to himself, one day at a time, let's go fuck in the bathroom."

*smiles, then winces*

I miss painkillers a LOT.
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