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update to the FA and pepsi thing

So normally I wouldn't do a separate post about an earlier post, but my earlier post about FA and the entire Pepsi grant is updated due to more information on what exactly they applied for and its parameters.

Here (and on LJ), just scroll to the bottom. I--weirdly, this makes it even worse since they managed to snatch infamy and doucheness from the jaws of "Oh, so you're applying for an art grant and have a plan to use this money for educational and enrichment? Interesting. Still not sure you should do it, but it has nothing to do with starving children in Africa as a red herring of herringness."

I'm closing comments on this entry to consolidate comments if anyone wants to comment. I mean, it's one thing to have a misunderstanding by accident, but holy shit, it's like the goal was to cause an explosion.

[note: assuming that they do not have a post anywhere with actual details other than the first one that was--I have no words. I will really happily joyfully take correction if somewhere they actually stated what category they were applying for and a detailed explanatoin of their goals other than new servers.]

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