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multifandom recs - the comfort fic collection
children of dune - leto 1
So I wanted some comfort fic and went to look up some old favorites. Most of these I've recced before.

Yet Another Snape Meets the Dursleys Story by rabbit and v-Jinx-v, Harry Potter, gen - totally gen h/c emotional porn. I love this story. This is one of my go-to comfort fics for the entire Snape Meets The Dursleys, Realizes How Much They Suck, Hates Them So Much, Is Generally Fucking Kick Ass and Super Competent While Dudley Turns Out to Eventually Be Awesome and Snape and Harry Bond So Much. It hits all my gen h/c kinks, with the Pathetic!Brave!Stoic!So!Goddamn!Gryffindor!Harry and Reluctantly!Admitting!Bias!Against!Harry!And!Uber!Competent!Snape and the sucky Dudsleys so very much told on child abuse and being shitty human beings and my personal favorite Personal!Growth!Dudley.

..wow, count those capital letters.

Nightblooming Heartsease by julad fic Transfigurations (Harry Potter, Harry/Draco) which is also a favorite fic but not a comfort fic. If you've read this, you may or may not get why I love this one when I really want to feel warm and fuzzy because yeah, I know how it ends, but ending was part of the journey and the entire thing is gorgeous. The author created the prequel whole as an exploration of the lives of Snape and Neville during war that occurred before the events of Transfigurations and took great pains to not only write fully-fleshed, three dimensional characters but a fully fleshed, uncertain, gorgeous three dimensional relationship that explained how being different people didn't necessarily mean there isn't common ground to be explored and cherished. It's wartime desperation and amazing domestic sweetness and two people who work together and learn together and then fall in love together. Warning: character death. But honest to God, that's part of what makes it comfort fic.

Goodnight Moon by yahtzee, Joan of Arcadia/The Day After Tomorrow crossover, gen - it's wistful and dreamy and sad in the very best, most uplifting, most human way possible. When this hit fandom, I think everyone recced it. And it was totally worth it.

An Affair to Remember by Tira Nog, SGA, AU, John/Rodney - yes, it's a SGA version of the movie. This is emotional porn for me. I only read it once a year now so as to keep that fresh reaction of just ridiculous amounts of tear-wiping and contented purring.

Fearless, Mindless Fancy by [personal profile] giddygeek, SGA, AU, John/Rodney - it's adorable and creepy and wonderful adn so much fun. John is a psychic! Rodney has a TV show about science and debunks this kind of thing! THEY THEN HUNT GHOSTS!

Benediction by thete1 - this was one of the earliest Smallville fics written and still among my absolute favorite for being gorgeous and sweet and everything Lex and Clark could have been.

Ice by [personal profile] merryish, Smallville, Clark/Lex - I love this story. There is a storm! And a barn! And Clark and Lex with no idea what the hell they're doing but going to try anyway. You know. To keep warm. Emotional intensity plus hotness can never go wrong. <--link corrected, thanks to [personal profile] merrily for the link

Omiai by Rose Emily, Smallville, AU, Clark/Lex - arranged marriage fic! Secretly falling in love! Angst! God, this one is every cliche I love done briliantly well. And long, long, long.

Primary by velvetglove, Smallville, Clark/Lex - a long, slow, deliciously building relationship after many years and much heartbreak and so wallowable.

Loves Me Not by [personal profile] astolat, SGA, John/Rondey - in which nothing in this not hilarious and sweet and funny and adorable and sure, Rodney loves chocolate, but kind of thinking that's not the only reason it goes this way.

If anyone wants to throw out their go-to-comfort fics? I would not like, be opposed or anything.

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eee! stuff to read! (or reread). In return I present you with thisdog.

Thanks for the recs! Have you seen that akavertigo's updated Starstruck? She's supposed to finish posting it on Sunday. :D

Right now my top 5 7 comfort Arthur/Eames fics for Inception, in no particular order:

- Two Steps Toward Make Believe by suchdisguise
- It's automatic by weatherfront
- Everything's Coming Up Rainbows by angelgazing (CARE BEARS!)
- en route to Transylvania by weatherfront
- the whole sublime Domesticverse by gyzym
- Incipit by thehoyden
- Anal [Inception], or, Not Now, Cobb, We're Doing BGs by cthonical, aka the greatest WoW fanfic on earth.

A couple of other huge bullet-proof cheer-me-up fics:
- Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead by Ces
- Strangers on a Six Train by eye_queue - both of these are McShep of course <3
- Three Tasks by syllic, Arthur/Merlin
- Woke Up Married by celli, aka the best fake boyfriend fic ever to have a wild night in Vegas, omg. It's David Cook/David Archuleta, but PLEASE DON'T LET THAT STOP YOU OMG. <3
- the classic Open Doors by zionsstarfish, aka the one where Harry Potter shows up on Draco Malfoy's door. As a cat.


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My comfort fix changes with the day and the fandom. :). I have been going back to Ursula Vernon's 'Digger' recently. Awesome webcomic, spanning about three years and so far worth every second of waiting. www.diggercomic.com

Fellow Travellers, by J. Brooks is my comfort Mag7 fic, it's AU and it's kidfic. It has a great premise, the kid reads just like you'd expect the child version of his character to act (it's Ezra in this fic), the relationships between all the characters is wonderful and hilarious. It also has an evil, bigoted villian, some child abuse, the mention of an Army Fort dying because of a disease outbreak, that's all the big things I can think of.

This fic is also the reason my friend and I randomly yell "KIOWA HEADLOCK" at each other in chat.

I also read lots of crack for comfort, laughing makes me feel better when I'm down.

entangled_now's Inappropriate Series, it's Numb3rs, Don/Colby, ridiculously hot and laugh-out-loud funny

Edited at 2010-10-29 01:31 am (UTC)

A Tale of Two Tails. This fic is a perfect example of why I love Kradamadness like I do. Someone starts with the innocent intentions of making the month's prompt (sex) toys and what we end up with is fake robots, pig posters, and--as this fic demonstrates--weretigers and foxes. Actually, we've had a whole lot'a foxes this time around.

This pleases me.


::falls over::

Dare to Bake a Peach I suspect that this is only a h/c fic for me because I'm currently fumbling the transition from post-grad to actual career and this is such a smashing grown up food porn coda to Labyrinth.

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance Because, much like the Clark/Lex dynamic, I don't believe that Arthur is owed Merlin's secrets. So I really love a story that shoves that in Arthur's face. And then they get on with the business of being awesomely destined or whatever after Arthur gets some perspective. “My father,” Merlin agreed, wiping at the skin beneath his eyes. “And he was going to help us even though Camelot ruined his life. So don't you dare point that sword that I sharpened for you at me and act like you're the only person in all of Albion who has ever been wronged or lied to or betrayed.”

When a Strawberry is Pushed to the Mountain. I'm 100% sure you know this fic, but it's one of my favorite clex stories.

Hunger Domestic-y (as much as you can get with Wolverine and Gambit). A relationship issue hashed out through communication (repeat parentheses). Hot p0rn (this one's probably easier to believe). That hadn't been the point at all, though, and it hits Remy deep in his gut. Logan had been looking for a place to settle down, somewhere people wouldn't treat them like shit or try and run them off. Looking for a run-down house to fix up, to put up the picket fence and paint it white, and how had Remy missed noticing that between the two of them it was Logan who was the teen-aged girl in their sadly dysfunctional relationship?

Oddly enough, my reread-to-feel-good fic:
SGA - synecdochic's Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose
SPN - astolat's Old Country
Merlin - rageprufrock's Drastically Redefining Protocol
Sherlock - wordstrings's Paradox series (this one is new to the rotation, but UNF SO GOOD)

(Oddly because Freedom... makes me cry every time, but in a good way. =)

Nightblooming Heartease is one of my comfort fics, too! Another sad fic that still manages to be a comfort fic for me is The Price We Pay for Wings

Omiai is also one of my favorites. Gosh, I love that story.

Hope your recovery goes well. Glad to see that your surgery went well. Thanks for the rec's. I just read Omiai and loved it. I had forgotten how much i love Clex, especially domesticated clex. And Omiai is one that somehow I had never read before, so it really made my day.

Asunder a SPN AU. Dean/Cas
Window of Opportunity a Bonanza/SGC crossover featuring an OC.
Agent Afloat SGA/NCIS crossover
Second to None Mini-Jack from SG1 goes to Basic Training.
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<a [...] </a>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

<a href="http://archiveofourown.org/works/62115">Asunder</a> a SPN AU. Dean/Cas
<a href="http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3899022/1/Window_Of_Opportunity_Bonanza">Window of Opportunity</a> a Bonanza/SGC crossover featuring an OC.
<a href="http://mhalachaiswords.livejournal.com/305200.html">Agent Afloat</a> SGA/NCIS crossover
<a href="http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3619410/1/Second_To_None">Second to None</a> Mini-Jack from SG1 goes to Basic Training.
<a href="http://dsudis.livejournal.com/483312.html"</a>Donna's Alien Thing</a> (not the actual title) SPN and Dr Who crossover. Dean/Donna.
<a href="http://community.livejournal.com/surrepticius/11673.html">I smoke my eyes out</a> s07AIRPF Cook/alwaysAGirl!Archie
<a href="http://captanddeastar.livejournal.com/6127.html#cutid1"</a>So Wise We Grow</a> ST:Reboot where Spock takes T'Pring's kid as his own after she dies and Kirk helps Spock raise him.
<a href="http://netgirl-y2k.livejournal.com/288602.html?view=1325658#t1325658">Spitting Images</a> Where Donna is the 11th Doctor.
<a href="http://archiveofourown.org/works/59120?view_adult=true">(Un)Covered</a> A genderbent Toni DiNozzo goes undercover with Gibbs. NCIS
<a href="http://lazulisong.livejournal.com/1071739.html">Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit</a> a mostly Gen (as much as anything Jim Kirk is in can be gen) ST:Reboot.
There are more but i have to sleep now.

I don't know how to do the handy words=link code, so I'm sorry in advance:

Two Weeks in the Alley - Harry Potter - A realistic look of what really happens when you give a 13 year old freedom and unlimited money for 2 weeks - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4036037/1/Two_Weeks_in_the_Alley

25 Stories Penknife Never Wrote About the Marauders - Harry Potter - I love the style and the flow of the story intersected and aided by the prompts. It makes me smile. http://archiveofourown.org/works/25946

Comedians - Doctor Who - I love all of Orange_Crushed's Who fic because I feel that her prose is perfectly suited to writing about people moving through the flow of time. http://orange-crushed.livejournal.com/103328.html

Heh, all of Tira Nog's stuff is total emotional porn for me. I cycle through reading An Affair to Remember, Resilience, and Growing Pains at least once a year. :)

Mine by Gillian. Amazing gen h/c Snape is Harry's bio-father and decides to raise Harry after seeing how the Muggles treat him. One of my top faves of all time. It hits all the right spots and the author does a great job with how little Harry might manifest the side-effects of being mistreated and how Snape tries to better him. There's a sequel, Snape's Vocation, along with short stories in the universe.

**It isn't DH compliant in the sense of how Snape feels towards Lily. But damn, there's a flashback that she twists his spite to suit herself. It gives me chills.

One of the many sections that never fail to make me cry and hurt with the love.

"Everyone looks very happy," Snape said, studying the wide crayoned grins the figures wore. With a long finger he pointed out the exception. "Except me."

"You're happy too," Harry said seriously. "But you don't smile with your mouth like everyone else."

Avoiding Dumbledore's gaze Snape kept his eyes on the brightly coloured picture. "How do you know I'm happy then?"

Harry pointed to a pink blob on the drawn figure Snape hadn't noticed before. "Your smile's in your heart, daddy."

I'm glad the ordeal is over for you, these are the two stories that come to mind when I think comfort, they are both SGA, John/Rodney.

A Better Fate by chelle

A Beautiful Lifetime Event by shalott

I hope I did this right, have a speedy recovery with lots of computer time!

*pokes head up* I can't get the link to Julad's "Transfigurations" to work. Am I doing something wrong?

The link's working now -- thank you!

Comfort fic I discovered today: http://gyzym.livejournal.com/47843.html Coffee-shop AU, Arthur/Eames.

I friended you, if that's alright.

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