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the world after horace the gallbladder

Let's all please have a moment of silence for Horace, for he is no more. Except in stuffed, plush form.

I kind of want to give a coherent narrative of events, but at eight they gave me what the nurse assured me was the drug equivalent of a margarita, and boy howdy was she right. I was wheeled into the operating room, and from what I can gather, the margarita drug combined with the anesthesia set off retrograde amnesia, so I have no memories of anything that happened as of five minutes after I went into the OR to wait. At that point, no doctors had arrived and I was still clutching HoraceA (the plush gall bladder) and The Madelyn Bear and had one of my necklaces wrapped around HoraceA because years ago a friend gave it to me to wear during my second bout with hospitalization due to pnuemonia.

When I woke up in my room again, I wasn't sure what was going on or why anything hurt, but lo and behold, I was still clutching all my comfort stuffed animals and my necklace. I mean, they had to have taken them from me before they started surgery, but the weird thing is, I was holding them pretty much exactly how I remember from the OR. They released me at ten AM. Basically, it feels like I went to the hospital for a fraught, tense nap wearing a hideous nightie and no underwear. Which is actually pretty disconcerting.

God this is weird.

Entrance wound is about an inch and a half to two inches starting just outside the belly button and going in. There's some slight bruising to the left of the incision, the inner button, if you will, is wrinkling in a faint counter-clockwise twist, and the entire mess is covered in a coat of what appears to be surgical-grade superglue. It did turn out to be single incision. And my God do all my stomach muscles hurt (I assume, from reading, this is because they pumped the belly cavity with air to make scoping and cutting easier).

Owww. There are only three really decent positions; because I didn't cry, I assume my favorite laptop-holding position became one of those.

I have eaten an ultimate cheeseburger from Jack in the Box and am drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee with caffeine, chased with Tylenol-3.

So hi! And thank you all for all the comforting messages of support and encouragement. You have no idea how much that meant to me, and how much it really did help. And also because I could not face telling everyone on LJ I chickened out again.

*HUGS ALL OF YOU* T3 makes me realllllly affectionate.

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