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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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okay, how did i miss this?
children of dune - leto 1
Yes, I'm still awake, but!

So I forgot about this in the midst of--everything.

My Merlin fic Tintagel was translated into Russian by TaiD here for the Russian Merlin Big Bang and archived at AO3. Even if you don't read Russian, the artwork in there is amazing; the picture of Ygraine and Nimueh feels almost like a stylized medieval portrait. So yes, I stare at them and go "oooh."

I was reminded because a.) today I saw a request to link Tintagel today to it (Russian translation! HOW IS THAT NOT AWESOME?) and then tonight when [personal profile] svmadelyn sent me to youtube to watch a cat fight a printer, I ran across a trailer for the Russian translation of Tintagel by algine2006 and holy shit it tells the entire story like, perfectly. I've watched it three times and seriously, wow.

Okay, so I am very distracted from panic; thank you Russian Big Bang.

Also of excitement:

Here [personal profile] cybel posted a podfic of When the Sky Falls Down (Smallville, Clark/Lex), which I somehow--beyond understanding--missed.

At this point, there is every possibility I have a notice somewhere of winning the lottery and missed it the way I seem to be like, losing time or whatever. I apologize both to TaiD and Cybel for being so late being squeeful--this is awesome and I appreciate your hard work so much and am so happy this stuff exists. *hugs you both*

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As long as you have a towel, you'll be fine!

I saw that tintagel trailer for your fic like a month ago!
frogspace was reccing it!

its sooo cool!

(its strange, I always assume, if artists or vidders are making stuff for a story, they would always inform the author of said story...)

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