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insomnia, the redux

I'm going to *destroy* something.

I'm tired and grouchy and my eyes hurt and I *can't* fall asleep to save my life, despite the fact I laid in bed with my eyes closed and oh so relaxed.

Except for the entire not-sleeping portion of the show.

So, LJ and archives got to see a lot of me.


Brian Kinney: Savior of the Universe by sisabet. Her Discipleness waxes eloquently on more of Brian's amazing feats of selflessness.

2-5: Risky Business - this is the definitive Saint Brian Episode. He is all over the place, selflessly giving and giving.
1. Gets Ted a job at his company.
2. He finds a way for Justin to draw again, finances it, and then leaves the choice up to Justin
3. He takes over Michael's attempts to auction his Captain Astro Issue #1 and ensures that it is a success and Michael can buy Ziggy's store.

Brian is like a genie or something - he is running around fulfilling everyone's dreams this episode. Only Emmett and Mel and Lindsey escape and that is only because he only has 45 minutes. If this was a 2-parter, Brian would have introduced Emmett to George and the girls would already be married.

I think the fact he distributes orgasms to the masses so generously should totally count, don't you?

QaF fic by jaymalea -- I'm trying out my mind-control powers via AIM. Jay writes hysterically. All kinds of fun going on here!

Stolen from liasantana's recs.

Hearing Things by Evaline -- It's Justin, moving home! And by home, we mean Brian's, of course. And Ethan! Being a prick! And Brian! With a freaksome memory.

Several good writers gathered here to post their work. A LOT of WiP per square inch. And they're pretty damn good.

Now I'm going to go look for something *else* to do. Gar gah geh. Sleeeeepppp!!!!!!!!!!!!
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