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so two days, huh?
children of dune - leto 1
Inspired by OTT on SF_Drama, and because I need a laugh and because we are t minus two days from surgery, though I am now comforted because [personal profile] astolat sent me a Horace who actually likes me (see him smile?) (*hearts astolat*). Horace the Most Awesome will join me in the hospital and considering the power of my death grip, possibly will be clutching during surgery. Seriously. Fingers of steel.

Anyway, tell me your hilarious "sick" stories, as made famous by Ally at Hyperbole and a Half's unfortunate experience of being sick at a Texas track meet. Or post links to funny stories! Bonus points for hilarious body fluid anecdotes.

*clutching the stuffed Horace not filled with hate*

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I spent almost all of this past January in the hospital due to acute pancreatis caused by my pissy gallbladder ("fun" details start here: http://deejay.livejournal.com/164854.html). Almost a year later, the VA is FINALLY scheduling me for its removal sometime in December. Your surgery-related posts are most relevant to my interests!

*hugs and healthy vibes ensue*

Is that supposed to be a gallbladder? It's hilarious.

Good luck with your surgery. You will feel better once you are all healed up. No more Horace pain.

I commented on DW but I have another story so I'll comment here. *g*

I had gum surgery and as it was the upper teeth, it was hard to get the icepack on it so I ended up bruising very badly. I looked like I had been beaten with a baseball bat.

While I was at my worst, my boss brought a young doctor who was a potential medical fellow around on a tour. I told her about my equipment and what we could do. She obviously noticed my bruising but was polite enough not to say anything.

Later, I told my boss, "I should have told her,'It's great to work here! *happy face turns to serious face* 'Just don't make any mistakes.'"

He was amused.

Erm, by hilarious bodily fluid stories, do you mean vomit? I can tell you why I haven't drunk fruit punch Gatorade since I was 8 years old....

Best of luck. In sort-of-sickness stories - while recovering after I had my wisdom teeth out I watched all six seasons of SG1 that were out at the time - at 80k per ep, so they were about 2inx2in on my screen - while high on pain meds. The ka-woosh of the stargate was 1,000 times more trippy than usual!

My dad has a heart condition where to get it back into a normal rhythm they apply the paddles for a shock and he has to be awake for it so the drugs they gave him make it so there is no pain and he doesn't remember anything but comes out of it sad.
According to the nurse after the first shock he sat up and roared f*ck and then after they where done he was convinced he was at a rugby game and his team had lost (the medical staff wear the same colour), so was really bummed until he came to his senses and worked out he was actually in the emergency ward :)

good luck with your surgery!

I have a little Tigger plushie that goes with me to the dentist, and by all the forgotten gods, he will be accompanying me whenever I get around to having my bunion dealt with. Tig will be removed from my grip after the anesthesia has kicked in, not before, and I will demand his presence when it starts to wear off.

I will also demand the presence of SO but Tigger fits into the bed better and will not be subjected to those pesky visiting hours.

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