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sherlock recs, in a pile here
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, so, Sherlock recs. My mother was at a lunch thing and brought me quiche and salad. I feel in charity with the universe.

London Calling by chaletian, gen - John's relationship with his mobile phone. And everyone who calls it. I giggled.

Twenty Three Minutes by cat_77, gen - John's rescue after kidnapping, Sherlock POV. It's not sweet, per se, but it's warm and a bit homicidal and achingly lovely. The author does a wonderful job of conveying desperation and carefully controlled fear and anger with a lot of subtlety.

Oh, But You're An Explosion by mardia, Sherlock/John - there's pretty much nothing about this story that isn't amazing and awesome. Great characterization, fun, and did I mention hot? I really should have said that first.

Like Bad Wallpaper by flawedamythyst, Sherlock/John - John and Sherlock, at a wedding. Harry's, that is. It's funny and sweet and kind of makes me melt, and yeah, they're both really bad at reading each other.

Homemaking by [personal profile] rageprufrock, gen - set after the pilot ep, I really never stop giggling while reading this. John is not Sherlock's wife, except yeah, he sort of is, and there is much shopping with Clara, bonding with Mycroft, living with Sherlock, and contemplating the insanity of his life. And this one is just fun. Like, read now.

Lab Book by sam_storyteller, Sherlock/John - I actually do believe Sherlock would have a lab book of John's sexuality, to be honest.

The Four Paw Problem by AJHall, gen - I don't want to start a rec trying to explain how Dr. Doolittle is awesome and I loved him as a kid, as that's a tangent to the entire issue, but John as remarkably trigger-happy protector of cats under the threat of death is like, ridiculously awesome.

Breakfast at 221B by AJHall, Sherlock/John - though I don't necessarily agree with this version of Mycroft, Sherlock and John are both amazing. The structure and meaning of the conversation between them slowly drifting from objective to subjective to intensely personal to why they're having it at all is subtly and brilliantly done.

The Fundamental Theory of Calculus by cheeky_vim, Sherlock/John - Sherlock's strange obsession with inexplicable lists is driving John crazy. That's a simplified version of a story premise that is anything but simple and always hilarious.

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(Deleted comment)
ThinkGeek sometimes has a TARDIS USB hub. And a roll-up keyboard.

Dunno if you've seen:

My recs page (almost up to date at this point)

The Sherlock Rec Post of DOOOOOOM (a HUGE-ASS recs page; lots and lots worth reading, some not [IMO], but that's what the back button is for).

Vicious rumor has it that PBS has edited a little. There was a post on the SherlockBBC comm about the pre-viewing thingy and the poster said that there was some stuff missing.

Really? Why would they do such an evil thing? I must research or wait for it on DVD.

I was wondering, how do you feel about fanart? Because there be some nifty stuff out there. Like pennies_4_eyes bookmarks. Safe for work, but I suggest a towel be kept handy to deal with the drooling.

I love this fandom. I keep reading, and every time I think, "I must have read all the good fic, surely" more shows up! (Seriously. I have read so much. And it's all been good. What is going on?)

Dude, seriously, thank you for the rec, I am hugely flattered.

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