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i hope it was freezerburned

Dear Person Who Stole My Lunch From the Freezer,

I won't go into a lecture on how temporarily, I'm restricted from certain foods, and most days I don't even eat lunch, but the days I do, it's usually for a purpose, like avoiding life-ending nausea when I take hydrocodone to control gall bladder pain so I can sit up and talk and not scream a lot. I won't even explain how I have to time my food intake between my thyroid medication, work, and what I'm drinking so there's no interaction problems with the hydrocodone and potentially the benthyl that cause life-ending dry mouth and I avoid anyway. Because this is not a secret. And people who steal other people's lunches at work tend to be dicks anyway.

So you know, fuck you.

--Seperis, really goddamn nauseated now

Between this and something I read this morning and the clinic being closed tomorrow so unless I can get to the clinic before six tonight I have to wait until next week to get a refill on my script I am not amused.

I'll do a rec post later, maybe. Re-reading Sherlock and AIRPS is totally a prescription for a better mood.

ETA: Eating half a peanut butter twix. Does not help with nausea, but tastiness does distract from it. Also being that time of the month that involves blood and rage and whatnot, sugar is always welcome.

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