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insta!rec -- Dissolved by soundczech, QaF
children of dune - leto 1
And to point out, my doctor who treated my allergies? Didn't do shit. Grr.

But. To recs!

Dissolved by soundczech -- Dancing, sweaty, not-naked, damn hot. The squeeing never ends. Never.

*happy sigh* LJland rocks.

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Allergies. Yuck. Claritin is available over the counter now, and it lasts a long time. Unfortunately, I think pretty much all anti-allergy meds have psychotropic effects. Yuck.

Provided you're not on blood pressure or blood thinning meds, try a supplement called bromelain if you're having problems with congestion. It's made from an enzyme in pineapples. I have chronic sinusitis, and it's as good or better than any decongestant I've found.

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