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it is that time of year again, with the lights and bears and whatnot


Since The Famous Christmas Store may or may not be in Austin anymore (apparently it was supposed to move, and now it's showing somewhere else, but it wasn't there last year and there's still no number and I can't find anyone to confirm....) does anyone have any recommendations on where to look for Christmas ornaments?

Part of my problem is that I bought in groups; half random ornaments and half as parts of color and theme sets. One of these were some gorgeous butterflies that clip onto the tree and others are very specific colors that aren't easily found anywhere else; the rest were Bavarian and Polish glass ornaments that went with everything or I just liked because they were beautiful. I also limited myself to about ten a year, as they were a little expensive and most were the kind I wanted to keep and be able to pass down (or perhaps bury with me, who knows).

Anyway, none of their inventory was, AFAIK, exclusive; I remember that they imported the Bavarian and Polish glass from somewhere, but I don't know where, and I really have no idea how to get those butterflies, since I've amazoned and googled back and forth and can find some like them but not the same. And none were ridiculously luxury-level expensive--we're not talking Waterford and Lenox crystal here (because I have lines and cannot deal paying that much retail; thank God for after-Christmas sales). When I unpack them around Thanksgiving I can post pictures of them to see if anyone has seen anything like them, but for now, anyone recommend where they go for their ornaments? I have seen some pretty ones on Amazon, and Macys and Dillards both usually have a couple I get every year (along with the Dillards Christmas Bear and am I ridiculously excited about that? Yes) but if anyone has any suggestions or places they love, feel free to recommend.

[Have added new Guntz bear to Christas lineup, btw. Actually two by accident--one was a miniature Christmas bear small enough to carry in my purse. The larger will join the slow-growing-more-terrifying bear menagerie as I cement my place as the Crazy Bear Lady Who Seriously Is Getting Crazier. Yes, I know this is going toward Steiff bears really fast, but I'm holding off as long as I can. Still waiting for the 2010 Amazon bear by Gund to be released. That I remember brand names of bears just does not bode well for me.]

... yes, it is pre-Halloween still, but I have to budget now or terrible things will happen to my checking account.

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