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fringe 2.13, just a note, God I love this show

In the face of evacuation due to communicable disease as the building will be blown up:

Astrid: Walter will figure out something. We'll be fine. *hangs up phone on Olivia*

Is it wrong I ship them kinda? To point this out, I wouldn't kick Walter out of bed myself; genius is fucking hot.

One of my favorite things about this show is everyone's interpersonal relationships. Astrid and Walter are goddamn fantastic. She's smart enough and quick enough to easily keep up with a completely insane genius, she's intensely practical and grounds him (and for that matter everyone else) in practical considerations without limiting Walter's or Peter's or Olivia's ideas or actions, she's loyal, and she's ridiculously calm and collected in a crisis, any crisis. She's one of those people who just goes with the flow. And I adore how much Walter likes her and wants her good opinion and worries about her.

(Other favorite moment: early on Walter sedated her unwillingly and he went to apologize. She totally didn't even let him off the hook. It set a good precedent with them, and considering Walter is, y'know, crazy, a limit he needed to have set in very thoroughly and deeply.)

(Other other favorite moment: during the thing with the giant hookworms, his panic that he may have gotten Astrid hurt and his apology and the hug. I totally got teary-eyed.)

(Note on Walter: Walter's occasional tears just break me. The representation of mental illness and it's personal effect on a person here is actually pretty good, though I say this from my point of view and ymmv. But his breakdowns when there are things he can't do or the way his mind betrays him, when his frustration with his current limitations overcome him, when he can't remember things. Most painful moment so far: when he couldn't remember his son's phone number and was sitting on a bus bench having used all his bus money as change in the phone. Also interesting note: his frustration with his own progress since being released from the asylum; he's made progress and doesn't, of course, really recognize it yet, and I like how he realizes that sometimes he isn't ready for some steps toward independence and backs off temporarily, but doesn't give up, just slows down. Love that Peter, while superprotective and superworried, recognizes this and tries to help. Love that everyone else does, too.)

Right, that's a lot of parenthesis. Now watching 2.14 and OMG Peter. God, Peter. I love that he fucks up and also that he's actually sorry for it and wants to make amends. Love.

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