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vidrec: alone by sisabet, merlin fandom

Whatever, you're doing? Just stop. The TV will be there later, the nukes aren't going anywhere, and the guy getting brain surgery is unconscious, so fuck it, no rush.

Vid Rec: Alone, as sung by Heart by [personal profile] sisabet for Merlin, Merlin/Arthur. Yes. Alone. Alone. By Heart. Because hello, Arthur has some fucking depths, bitches. And he wants to get Merlin alone. Like, now. I mean, a lot, apparently. In his manpain.

Specially recommended is any moment Arthur makes like a Dark Ages Byron and stares into the distance looking sixteen hundred years too early for emo and desperately wishing for a guitar while pondering his miserable life. Also, you never really realize how much Merlin and Arthur have embraced the idea that personal space is so last major religious shift in the west until, you know, you watch.

...oh my God, the chorus made me laugh so hard I cried. The crying was for Arthur's pain, okay.

(Thank you [personal profile] svmadelyn for emailing me so my night would get exponentially better.)

I think this makes me happy forever.

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