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In my defense, I went to Fry's for a SATA cable for mom's new hard drive, since I completely accidentally bought a bare drive. But they had i3-530 dual for 74.99 and tell me that I was supposed to walk away from that.

...yes, I'm cuddling it right now, why do you ask?

I'm going to build a home serrrverrr. I'm going to build a home serrrverrrr. At home! In my living room! From scratch. With Ubuntu! I AM AMBITIOUS.

This could be the greatest day of my life.

(Yes, I know the i3 is ridiculously powerful for a home server, but not if I use it as a media center. I went for only the basics now, but eventually I want to add a bluray player for streaming. This will run headless, so for now I'm interfacing through my TV's DVI port. I think for future access I'll go in through Adam the laptop.)

Note: In the first three minutes--I am not kidding you, three minutes--that I was looking at motherboards, no less than five salespeople wandered over to see if I needed help. It was nice later, though; I looked distressed about cases and vroom, instant assistance. Also 5.25 four bay holder for my extra notebook drives that have been languishing in a drawer for a while in need of love. The board allows up to six total, but it's hot swappable for later if I add a RAID tower. This is probably going to be my project of the week. I am stupidly excited.

This is so going to end in tragic disaster. I've never had the opportunity to build from the ground up before, and I keep bouncing between my bags trying to breathe without hyperventilating. I really have indecent thoughts every time I pick up the motherboard. Just. Mine. Will post specs when I am calmer.

Carry on.

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