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children of dune - leto 1
In my defense, I went to Fry's for a SATA cable for mom's new hard drive, since I completely accidentally bought a bare drive. But they had i3-530 dual for 74.99 and tell me that I was supposed to walk away from that.

...yes, I'm cuddling it right now, why do you ask?

I'm going to build a home serrrverrr. I'm going to build a home serrrverrrr. At home! In my living room! From scratch. With Ubuntu! I AM AMBITIOUS.

This could be the greatest day of my life.

(Yes, I know the i3 is ridiculously powerful for a home server, but not if I use it as a media center. I went for only the basics now, but eventually I want to add a bluray player for streaming. This will run headless, so for now I'm interfacing through my TV's DVI port. I think for future access I'll go in through Adam the laptop.)

Note: In the first three minutes--I am not kidding you, three minutes--that I was looking at motherboards, no less than five salespeople wandered over to see if I needed help. It was nice later, though; I looked distressed about cases and vroom, instant assistance. Also 5.25 four bay holder for my extra notebook drives that have been languishing in a drawer for a while in need of love. The board allows up to six total, but it's hot swappable for later if I add a RAID tower. This is probably going to be my project of the week. I am stupidly excited.

This is so going to end in tragic disaster. I've never had the opportunity to build from the ground up before, and I keep bouncing between my bags trying to breathe without hyperventilating. I really have indecent thoughts every time I pick up the motherboard. Just. Mine. Will post specs when I am calmer.

Carry on.

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Yay servers! I just built a media server so that I can play stuff on my shiny, awesome tv, and I have to say, life is pretty excellent. Except the part where my living room has become a sort of geeky hick front lawn. There are bits and pieces of hardware everywhere. Nothing sucks more than trying to grope through a room in the dark having to worry about stepping on drives and motherboards and random power cords.

Have fun with linux! It's so sweet and slick... once you get everything working -.-

*glee* I am still cuddling my processor. I have to restrain myself to do this very slowly and carefully and not terrifyingly instead of RUSHING IN TO MOUNT THE CPU OH MY GOD THIS IS SO AMAZING.

*breathing* Yes! Fun!

Don't forget the thermal grease!

I hope you have nice mounting clips, and not those super crappy four corners things that most intel processor heatsinks come with =P I HATE those things.

heh, this is almost where I started when rebuilding my media server - it was all 'hmm, lets just get a terrabyte drive' and ended up in 'you need a new power supply to go with the new video card that was needed by the new CPU which hey at least you intended to buy with the new motherboard that you fell in love with while buying your new hard drive'. [cough]

So, Ubuntu (which is awesome)! Are you going MythTV?

Well, it's nice to have a hobbie. ;)

Seriously, you're a braver girl than I am. Good Luck.

LOL <3

My very first exposure to PCs and Windows involved me building my own computer from scratch and then installing Windows on it.

Since I was already a Unix user I found Windows incredibly confusing and non-intuitive and I still do ;) (MacOS as well. Although they've improved. Command line interactions FTW!)

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