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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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anyone up? yes on a friday, I know
children of dune - leto 1
Anyone online who isn't busy and feels like talking about diy NAS? I have some of my basic components picked out, but I'd love a second opinion. And you know, someone to tell me if I'm doing it wrong. *g* I'm going for low-power and future buildability, so I'm only getting the most basic pieces now to add to later, and also, trying to decide if I want to mess around with RAID for more than my ego. I mean, I want to build a RAID array just to say I can, but the downsides of actually using it are getting to me.

I am that kind of person, yes.

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this is the only NAS I know anything about:

(That was my first thought as well! :D /o\)

I'm always here :) I'm EST, and not a night owl (and Fred goes to bed at 10, 9 Central) but you can always have me give you a ring or throw me an E-Mail, Etc...

Not just nas, but let's talk about Jumbo Frames. You know you want to.

I see you have enough geeky offers. I am always available for questions, particularly about NAS as it is the current fun in the house of geek.

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