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okay, do you recognize this sherlock fic? also, recs
children of dune - leto 1
I was getting together a rec post for Sherlock and AIRPS, and then realized I couldn't find this one--and I can't believe I didn't mark it correctly when I bookmarked it--and it's kind of driving me crazy.

It's Sherlock BBC, Sherlock/John, with Sherlock as asexual, they have sex and Sherlock really doesn't like it, but he does like the cuddling and snogging bits. Sherlock POV, very sweet--well, this is Sherlock, so sweet for Sherlock. I know there are several good ones in the fandom, so if you also want to rec some, that would be nice as well. I love the porn, but this is the first fandom I've been in where asexual romanticism is very much a genre and it's been fascinating to read it. I think I've hit most of them, but I'm totally open to re-reading.

Anyway, a few of the current recs. You have probably already seen these, but I'm okay with that.


NOT UPDATED YET GOD WHY - Starstruck by [personal profile] akavertigo, Adam/Kris, AU. I am not crying or anything, for the record (yes I plan to keep this up indefinitely.)

Paying the Rent by [personal profile] astolat, Adam/Kris, AU. Its' literally the sweetest, fluffiest, most adorable rentboy fic ever. It also hits like, most of my kinks that don't involve sharp objects and guns, and is as warm as caramel melting off a spoon. Daww. Oh Kris. Only you.

Through the Storm We Reach the Shore by stickmarionette. Gorgeous, long exploration of Kris, Adam, relationships, and Kris being admirably ruthless.

Always the Best Friend by jeyhawk, Adam/Kris, Kris/Brad, AU. In which Adam has logical breakdown and Kris gets kind of tired of it. God I love Jeyhawk.

Tightly Knit by jeyhawk, Adam/Kris, AU. A knitting fic. *enchanted* In which Kris owns a yarn and knitting store--YES HE DOES--and Adam learns to knit. To say this makes me squee happily is to seriously understate the case.

rememberingAlly by blue_scribbles, Adam/Kris, highschool AU. This one surprised me when it turned out that the high school au part was not setting or excuse but plot point and done shockingly well. I've read this about--God, thirty times now?--and every time I'm still bowled over by how much the author did with this cliche until I forgot it was a cliche at all. Warnings for character death prior to story beginning and child neglect/abuse. This was just--wow. I feel weird calling it comfort fic, but it really is, in all the best possible ways.

Dreaming Out Loud by [personal profile] jerakeen, Adam/Kris, AU. Oh God, this is everything I love in comfort fic. Kidfic and romance and telephone relationships and just--God. Jerakeen's my go-to when I'm having a bad day anyway--seriously, her fic is long, lush, happy-ending'ed, and filled to the brim with plot, dialogue, romance, and utter sweetness, so like, that's a given--but this one just makes me stupidly happy. Also with cut scenes!


The Death and Resurrection of the English Language by wordstrings, Sherlock/John - you don't need to read the two earlier fics, but it's recommended for context and for the fact it works in new and interesting ways if you have: An Act of Charity and Paradox Suite. This one is Sherlock POV and interestingly stable despite the fact that Sherlock is anything but. A fascinating view of what goes on in his head as well.

And You're The Prize by giddygeek, Sherlock/John. Mycroft kidnaps John to hurry the Sherlock/John UST up a bit. Mycroft is a fangirl. A terrifying, terrifying fangirl.

Kid in a Candy Store by fialleril. Sherlock needs a new riding crop and as there are no bridle stores nearby, he goes to the next best place. With John. Thing is, I can see this happening. Especially with the dildos. Just. Yeah.

Unusual Symmetry by Mresundance, Sherlock/John, asexual romance. It's a very neat encapsulation of their relationship, committed and even romantic but not sexual, and how John and Sherlock go about it.

A Packet of Crisps and a Retcon Pill by jinxed_wood, gen, crossover with Torchwood. I felt bad for Gwen and the rest of it--yeah. I can see this. Sherlock's observation skills--and for that matter, his interrogation skills--are really in evidence.

That Thing You Like by Miss Pamela, Sherlock/John. John goes home for Christmas with Sherlock and stops arguing about whether they're together or not. I like John's POV, and I especially like how he works this out through the story. And the pub thing. God did I love the scene in the pub. And for the record, yeah, Sherlock's mom scares me. Kinda see where Mycroft gets it.

Let Me Kiss You by out_there, Sherlock/John. This kind of started as an escalating kissing situation, with John not entirely sure what's going on but he seems okay with it anyway. Also, Sherlock is not subtle. Nice long read.

Talk About the Blind Leading the Visually Challenged and The Game Is On. It Is So On. by pforte, Sherlock/John. Okay, besides being a good ship fic and being very good with the characters, also hot and kinky and yeah, read now. Happy.

Pedestrian by vegarin, gen. John and Moriarty before the end of The Great Game. I might have recced this already, but it deserves a second rec; this is one of the best John fics I've read, period, and may be my favorite in the fandom just for how much the author did with this, both establishing John's character and more than that, establishing completely what John and Sherlock are to each other.

This exchange:
"You, Dr. Watson, are assisting me with testing a theory on Sherlock Holmes, who, minds you, despite my best effort - all right, maybe a mediocre effort at best - still remains somewhat of a mystery, which pretty much happens, well, never. And I can assure you, John, you will enjoy this."

Fantastic. John tries not to sound too dubious. "And how much, pray tell, will I be enjoying this trying process, exactly?"

"Oh, very much, I should think. You'll finally be convinced he does, in fact, care for the lives of others, especially for yours." Moriarty is mockingly benign. "You did want to know, yes?"

Something in John goes cold. "I'm sorry, what?"

"Either Sherlock will waver at the sight of you, or he won't. Which do you think it will be, John? Wouldn't you like to find out?"

And John's eventual answer to it. This story is, for me, the John character analysis. Wry, witty, practical, resigned, and determined all at once. And so very real.

Untitled Hotness by ladyflowdi - um. Hot. Kitchen sex. Wall sex. Table sex. With butter. Go.

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Thanks for putting together the list! And as lambourngb says, it is indeed What Makes Us Rich.

People've been reccing The Thermodynamics Series left and right, so uh, I wanted to know if you've read it, because it's definitely worth it.

Yaaay, I've been dying to read more good Adam/Kris, but was at a loss as to where to start.


SHERLOCK FIC! It's funny how many of these I've read. But I look forward to the others! Also. I bet I've read that asexual Sherlock story - it sounds so familiar! - but I don't think I bookmarked it.

Great links!

I think this is the asexual fic you mentioned (or at least fulfills the same prompt): http://dysnomiae.livejournal.com/940.html

Actually, scratch that. Probably not the fic you're looking for

There are so many asexual!Sherlock fics in this verse! I mean, I have an actual tag for it and everything. xDDD


Also, I could not agree more about Pedestrian. It has really stuck with me. To me, this one line describes his character perfectly:

For one stunned second, John thinks, quite distinctly, Poor Molly.

Because of course his first thought is for Molly. Amazing.

Thanks for such a generous rec! It's so flattering and basically made my night - or week, even. It also went a long way to explain why there have been random surges of interest in this fic. (I just figured out both times correspond with your posts. Pingbot, scary as it is, has its uses!)

I've been in love with your Merlin fics since forever, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe we'll see your Sherlock fics in the future. Cough.

Can I please thank you for all the recs. You never fail to pick the best not to be missed and I am so grateful to have been steered to some of the most memorable Kradam written. I read Kradam every day and I still miss some of the good stuff. So well just keep up the good work. I would love to read your Sherlock recs because I adored the latest fantastic BBC reworking and casting but I dare not. I cannot spend any more time reading or I might as well become a hermit. I would simply never get out of the house.

Pingbots are creepy but I forgot to turn them off for my fanfic journal and this is how I found out that you recced me. ♥ My feetz, they are doing the happy dance, bb!

The first one I thought of, for your lost story, was Practical Angora Goat Raising, but that doesn't seem quite right.

The Thermodynamics Series has them working up to a really well-done and mostly asexual relationship that's one of the best I've read, but that's not quite it, either, I don't think. They start sleeping together because the heat goes out and Sherlock's bed has a giant dead owl in it. Of COURSE it does.

The only other one I can think of is A Marriage of Inconvenience, which is part of a series, and at the end of which they actually DISCUSS the whole cuddling thing, which is rather insanely adorable, actually. This might be the one!

...and I'm not even a huge fan of the "Sherlock as asexual" trope in fic! I have no idea where all those came from, except that I've been mainlining fic of all kinds for two days now, with no end in sight.

(in the last, John refers to Sherlock as "a sexual cactus." I giggled for hours.)

Thank you so much for the rec! It really means a lot, as cheesy as that sounds.

(And re: Kris, I do like it when he's a little bit evil. Especially when it's in service of some Greater Good. :D)

the fic you're looking for, I believe, is:

The Effects of Proximity: The Sleight of Hand Remix
by blue_soaring

(I hope this helps. & now, back to bed for me. Why do I wake up remembering these things...?)

don't think that's the one, mainly because blue doesn't write Sherlock BBC. Yet. muahahaha. she sticks to the RDJ movie version. still a good fic though, mreee <3

Is there a Sherlock ficfinders comm yet? Because I too already have stories that have been lost.

YOU. YOU ARE MY NEW FAVORITE PERSON. because of these Sherlock fic recs. among other reasons. yus.

I have a couple more, for you and/or the random lurker:

copperbadge has some good Sherlock fics, my favorite being It's Not the Violin wherein there is fierce loyalty (Summary: Somewhere between Alejandro and the fistfight, John Watson became someone Sherlock Holmes would kill for) and there is also Lab Book wherein there is sex. mmm.

Also emungere (Eleanor K.) has one called There and Back Again plus a sequel, which are both PG, take place directly after the third episode, are fairly short, and are amazing.

You do know that Starstruck got finished?

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