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stupid wakefulness

Because the computer system is down, this Saturday wasn't mandatory. Yay me!

Except I didn't remember that when I woke up at six-ish.

So, a tribute to the journalers that gave me something to do this morning.

Places to Go

Brian Kinney: Practically Jesus by the marvelous sisabet. She's so right.

1-4: To Live and Die in Pittsburgh - Okay, ya'll...he freakin' heals Ted. The Ted gets to watch Brian have hot sex with the nurse. I see no bad there.


1-12: Men Behaving Badly - this ep is hard. Brian actually is the one that needs saving here (thank god for Justin) but he does selflessly let Ted have his rejects. Gives and gives and gives...

A saint, y'all. Never doubt it.

It's My Party by thisisbone, The OC. Okay, so sue me, I don't watch the show, but this is BONE and I'd read her laundry list if she would post it, so all happiness here.

Funny thing was, parties were parties no matter the zip. Same shit, different decor. Too much booze, too few clothes, too many ways to fuck it all up, and if Seth hadn’t wanted to go, well, he wouldn’t be there. But Seth did want to go, so. He went where Seth went, that’s how it worked. It worked, it did. It worked better than anything else he’d tried, and it wasn’t like he had anywhere better to be.

She's REALLY making me want to watch this show. Dammit.

This Is Where Forever Ends Up by silviakundera. Justin and Ethan say hi.

"Hi," Ethan says back, and it's funny how that works -- how there is this person standing there who you kissed sloppily when he had teeth melting bad breath, and fucked, and slept beside until it was like he was just part of there, part of the sheets and pillows, and now you have nothing to tell each other at all, after you used to talk for hours, and you don't even miss him.

This strange, sweet, moody kind of nostalgia.

Recaps of QaF by eleveninches. There's hope she'll recap first and second season too! Perfect for all your QaF needs.

And speaking of recaps.

What Love Means: Story Analysis and Critiques of QAF Fan Fiction. Also includes multiple recaps of season three episodes. I'm a huge fan of Morpheus' thoughts.

There. THAT is a spectacular way to kill many hours very, very happily.


Meme-ish thingie gakked from destina. It just looks cool. And easy. I like easy. And I really, really feel restless. Stupid waking up too early. Grrr.

(gakked is still such a weird word to use. hmmm)

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