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announcement: KiScon 2011
children of dune - leto 1
So weirdly enough, I've still never been to a Star Trek convention (or to LA, airports totally do not count), but that apparently will change.

KiScon 2011 has been announced by awarrington and rhaegal. I'm going to cut and paste their announcement from the Kirk/Spock Community and the KiScon Community directly.

KiScon 2011: Boldly Going Where No K/S Con Has Gone Before!

We are thrilled to announce that membership is open for KiScon 2011. On June 24-26 2011, we're taking you to the Kyoto Grand Hotel in Los Angeles to celebrate 45 years of the epic romance between Kirk and Spock, the pairing that invented slash fandom and remains the most enduring!

Over the years, fanfiction has taken Kirk and Spock through the Mirror Universe, Alternate Universes, and now we have the Reboot Universe. In 2011, we mark their 45th anniversary with a celebration of K/S in all its incarnations.

For KiScon 2011, we head to the heart of downtown Los Angeles, to spend a fun-packed weekend rediscovering the excitement and the passion that drew us all to this pairing, in the company of other fans.

We're proud to announce we will be joined by our two fabulous Guests of Honor Kathleen Resch and Seperis.

Membership costs only $99 until May 1st 2011, rising to $119 after that date, and includes all three days of programming (panels, vids, presentations and games) and the Babel Banquet on Saturday evening where costumes are encouraged! Space is limited, so join now to avoid disappointment.

Hotel rooms are available at a discounted rate of only $109 per room per night (exc. tax) for up to two sharing - so bring a friend! This rate is also available three days either side of the convention, so that you can add a vacation to your visit. Further information about the hotel, including online booking, is available on our website.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop us a line here on LiveJournal, or at: info [at] kiscon [dot] org. We can't wait to see you in LA next summer!

KiScon 2011 co-chairs
Amanda Warrington and Rhaegal
awarrington & rhaegal

KiScon 2011 Website

For the record, I was genuinely shocked to be asked by the concomm to come to this, and I think I irritated the hell out of awarrington with emails asking if she'd like, asked the wrong person. To be fair, I was sleep-deprived from going from the beach to [personal profile] svmadelyn's to VVC and also by Saturday I was not entirely sober, but she forgave me. And considering who Kathleen Resch is--seriously, go look at her bio and boggle at those credentials for a minute--beyond words humbled, but also hugely honored. Trek wasn't just my first fandom in fanfiction and fannishness--it's been a part of my life practically since birth, through TOS and TNG and Voyager, every Star Trek movie ever made, and a ridiculous number of Trek novels I still have, moldering on my bookshelf, even the really, really bad ones. And the really, really interesting ones that were published before Star Trek got all standardized (yes, the one with Kirk, Spock, and the Free Agent Mary Sue actually a threesome this was published really oh my God yes; also the one with the Kirk clone married off to The Romulan Commander after being cloned because this guy wanted him so much, God I love Trek).


You should come! It will be fun! Not that this should be a motivator or anything, but I'll have to do like, some panels and I have no idea what to do so I will totes take suggestions? Okay, sure, that's more for me than anyone else, but I'll totally credit whoever comes up with one. My ideas are all like "How about a panel on squeeing over Spock?" which isn't really a panel, I don't think. Though honestly, wouldn't that be fun. Also, [personal profile] svmadelyn promised--promised--to come so you know what happens on Sunday night, just in a new location. Admittedly, it will be weird without a mezzanine.

Star Trek! TOS and Reboot! Kirk/Spock! Fangirls! All of my favorite things!

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I also have "Triangle", and the Phoenix books, lol. Amazingly OTT bits of drama that they are. ;D

I hope you have fun.

*bounce* Like published fanfic. They were seriously awesome and I remember reading them well before I knew about fanfic thinking "...someone published this awesomeness? HOW?"

Especially the clone one. Holy homoeroticism and inappropriate power balances and too much touching, Batman. I need to re-read, come to think.

I've got some fan-written short stories that were ~officially printed in two books, as well. It's hard finding good TOS books, though-most writers seem to be focusing on TNG.

How do you feel about the Voyager and Enterprise shows? I loved most of the characters, thought they were good and had good actors; and sometimes, the scripts were really well-done. But mostly, I think they threw away the potential of these shows, especially with Enterprise. They needed to give a few years' rest between series, imo, and they just kept pumping them out.

I totally boycotted Enterprise due ot Voyager ending, and I loved Voyager. I need to wait on Enterprise until I can watch it without twitching or I won't be fair, but I loved Voyager a lot and in retrospect, it's even better than I thought it was. But yeah, a rest period on the series would have been a good idea.

I was very disappointed with Enterprise, myself. My brother and I were so excited when it started, because it has such amazing potential-think of all the Federations races, and the "first contact" episodes there could have been, plus all the exploration of how Earth got to be such an important member when it's comparatively young/inexperienced (aka what do humans have to offer that nobody else does?)

i enjoyed some of the episodes, i think it started out well. then the B Team, aka Brannon and Brega or whoever, got their hooks in well and good, and the catsuit/OTT drama/unneccesary sexualization/weirdo plot twists started showing up, and it went downhill fast. D:

so yes, i think that if you liked voyager very much, you might want to wait to watch enterprise. it about broke my heart, with what they did to trek, and to the actors/characters, who deserved better.

"yes, the one with Kirk, Spock, and the Free Agent Mary Sue actually a threesome this was published "

Speak to me of this, for I must have it.

It's called Triangle, by Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath. They also wrote Price of the Phoenix and Fate of the Phoenix, the other books she's talking about. Also some short stories that were officially published in 2 books...I think "Star Trek Voyages", but if that's wrong, you can probably find the titles by looking the writers up.

Aww congrats! That is so awesome. I doubt I'll be able to go to the con but I'm glad you are coming to LA :)

(yes, the one with Kirk, Spock, and the Free Agent Mary Sue actually a threesome this was published really oh my God yes; also the one with the Kirk clone married off to The Romulan Commander after being cloned because this guy wanted him so much, God I love Trek)

::beams:: You just listed my two favorite ST novels other than Killing Time ^_____^

If I am able, I will so be there!!

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