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you know you have this one - the centaur site
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, I'm medicated and less homicidal, so.

Man up, who has the link to the man-centaur site with the frighteningly well-done human/centaur manips that involve porn? I know someone has it bookmarked and I'm hating myself that I don't. I don't judge--I can't, really, I'm actually asking for it.

ETA Boytaur.net was provided by [personal profile] acari. And [profile] brown_betty has offered up Epic NCIS Centaurfic, because she's awesome about getting the spirit of the thing.

I actually have this link now. Dear God.

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You have no idea how much I wish I *did* have this bookmarked. I'm stalking this post so fucking hard right now.

I clicked. Why did I click? I am... befuddled and rather creeped out.

I think it was the cognitive dissonance of expecting something other than I got, now with added bonus wristfeet?

I just saw a request for that Gibbs!Centaur fic last night, and I thought to myself, "Wow, what an odd and unique plot for an NCIS fic."

And now you bring it up, too. And now I'm giggling. :)

I I actually liked the NCIS Gibbs-taur fic. It was really good, and I'm not one to go looking for that sort of thing, in case I find a website like the ABOVE... I have seen more poly-orchid men now than I ever care to see

Hey if you wanted more centaur fic the concept originally came from James Walkswithwind (I believe). He wrote a SGA series if you scroll down this page.

The original centaur series was from a TV show called Houston Knights

And he wrote a one-off story in BtVS/AtS Xander/Wesley

I think this Fanlore page on centaurification may be relevant to your interests. :)

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