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oh dear
children of dune - leto 1
While talking to a nice person I know about building a NAS (Network Attached Storage), I was about to suggest going for coffee after work (yes, coffee. That I can't actually drink) and then stopped myself when I realized I wasn't so much interested in dating them as maybe having someone to build a server and configure RAID. I had three separate fantasy sequences involving how we would build a chassis.

Also? Still not sure what their name is. That's awkward. Pretty sure they maybe work across the hall? *hands*

I'm going to pretend this didn't happen.

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I once exchanged a lovely Indian food dinner for a crash course in AD Group Policy Objects. Coffee isn't so outrageous!

True. I just have no idea how to convey "would like to be close, intimate computer building buddies with you". I mean, for me, that would be the equivalent of marriage.

(Deleted comment)
It's really not many places I can say that and everyone nods, because it's hardware, so of course. *g*

You're not so bad yourself.

PSH, is that a good reason not to go out for coffee? *tsk*

Not when I can't even drink it! I'd be plying them with coffee for joint server assembly!

You could still be friends with benefits - the benefit would just be a little unconventional.

There is that, yes. Now how to convey that correctly.....

I'd venture to say that if you're already at the activities discussion stage of this relationship, you're probably compatible enough to get that across.

... but that's how you'd become friends anyway?

I say go for it. Even if the relationship crashes, a RAID 5 NAS won't!

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