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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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how memes go so very hilarious
children of dune - leto 1
sf_drama brings me this joy: Off LJ stupid - PEDOBEAR IS COMING TO GET UR CHILDREN - in which, okay, I have no idea how to write this without giggling, so please click and read. There's a link to msnbc and it will make you happy forever. Like Kris in a kilt!

So the police department didn't know how to use wikipedia.

....okay, so like, no one knew how to use the internet? At all?

I return you all to your regularly scheduled surfing.

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I just saw that linked from BoingBoing. My reaction was to say "seriously? SERIOUSLY?" out loud, in my office, garnering me some strange looks.

Apparently California cannot use the internet. WHO KNEW.

My favorite comment so far, from the BoingBoing post:

In related news, police are now warning about a disturbing new trend known as "Face Palming". Authorities believe that the "Face Palm" gesture may be a covert signal of some sort, similar to a gang sign. Originally it was suspected that the "Face Palm" gesture was associated with drug culture, as a means for drug users and dealers to identify each other. However, given the noticeable increase in "Face Palm" activity after the "Pedo Bear" story first broke, it is now believed that the gesture is also being used by child molesters as a means of warning their fellow pedophiles that they are in danger of being discovered. If you see anyone making the "Face Palm" gesture, especially after hearing the report about the "Pedo Bear", you should immediately report it to your local police department or sheriff's office, or to the child abuse hotline.

That flyer is a thing of wonder and lulz.

"teasingly reaches out into the light of day" - this safety pamphlet was clearly written by a police recruit with thwarted ambitions to make it big writing melodrama.

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