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insta!rec- lying (like you're tame) by aivilo_18

(Lying) Like You're Tame by [personal profile] aivilo_18/aivilo_18 - Kradam, established relationship, ungodly hot. I'd love to give a summary, but honestly? That's part of the story.
It’s not that Adam is necessarily shocked by the suggestion once Kris is finally able to actually get the words out in something resembling a grammatically correct sentence in a language that is, Adam guesses, at least 90% English. It's that he's confused for all of three seconds as he attempts to account for the 10% language barrier. He’s in the middle of hoping for Spanish but willing to settle for what might be passable Klingon when the actual nature of the request makes its way to his brain.

Then confusion begets very interested surprise begets Adam being happy forever.

In which Kris has a kink.

Yeah. Go now. You'll be very happy you did.

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