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you had to have seen this coming, right?
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, I give up. Sherlock recs? Please? With sugar on top? I feel like a goddamn junkie and left to my own devices, I'll hit the kink meme first and that can't end well. I mean, literally--there might be crying.

Pleeeasseeee? I need this. I've been editing and beta'ing AIRPS fic all day.

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Holy shit thank you. Especially the second one. Wow.

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*grins* I'll try to finish the beta tonight so the author can post today or tomrrow. The fic? Incendiary.

Editing my fic is going a lot slower. *sighs*

I'm still waiting to see the BBC series, but I've been gobbling up fic for the movie like crack-rock candy.

I found a couple of decent recs lists, and a huge Delicious collection:

Toft's Delicious Recs: http://www.delicious.com/Toft/holmes%2Fwatson

Terra Lily's recs list: http://terra-lilly.livejournal.com/11574.html?style=mine

And this person seems to have tagged a lot of BBC Sherloc fic: http://giandujakiss.dreamwidth.org/tag/holmes

Butting in to say: ... About that. I seem to have some two weeks of miraculous free time coming up after this week, and I am in possession of the sum total of Sherlock. There could be an actual fangirl weekend, is what I'm saying. Possibly with equids on the side. *whistles innocently*

I kind of adore you. *runs to read*

My current favourite: Talk About The Blind Leading The Visually Challenged by pforte

And these:

The Adventure of the Lover's Nasty Sister by nekomitsu

Smoke and Ashes by luchia13

No idea if any of this is what you're looking for, but they're all very good. :)

Talk About The Blind Leading The Visually Challenged by [info]pforte


jerakeen just posted a lot of recs today.

mklutz has also made several rec posts.

Any hints about the AIRPS fic?

Laws of thermodynamics series by entangled_now is one of my favorite things I've read in this fandom. Actually anything she writes in sherlock is fucking amazing.

I second this rec!

I also have a few other items tagged here:

sherlockbbc has declared Sundays to be recday and here's the reclist tag

And if you want to cannonball into the fandom, I had a request from someone to upload my collection. It's almost 500 stories/13MB of unorganized, varied pairing (no incest and very little Sherlock/Moriarty) fic in flavors ranging from gen to slash to squint. There's dark!fic, deathfic and the occasional non-con tossed in for variety. And a few WIPs, which are marked.

(Deleted comment)
Welcome to the machine :D

*lurks for recs*

Oh I'm so glad you're hooked now. Dare I hope this will lead to fic?

Here is one of my favourite fics:


as well as:


I've only read like three stories so far, but definitely check out candle_beck's Space Travel

And I've been trying to keep up with the flurry of vids here

Yessssss....I will start stalking this post. I have been reading everthing I can find on del.icious

So far the ones I've liked enough to keep are Here

Untitled Ficlet, is really hot, unfortunately short porn.

Autopsis. I'm fairly sure this could also be known as that one where Sherlock actually is a sociopath. For a given value of.

#3patchproblem, because it is told using twitter and I'm a sucker for that kind of presentation.

The Art of Scheduling, or How Mycroft Came to Realize He Was Well and Truly Fucked. Okay it's het, but Mycroft/Anthea is delicious. I can only say, well played madam. Plus, how can you resist that title?

"Homemaking" by rageprufrock