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children of dune - leto 1
Having seen Sherlock episode three, one thing.

I hate all of you forever and technically you didn't lie but withholding information is mean. You're all on notice, is what I'm saying, and also, thank you. I haven't been surprised in a long time.

That is all.

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Say what?

You seriously need to see teh show mmkay? It's like IDK, the most emo sociopath ever meets the most stoic PTSD sufferer in history. THEY FIGHT CRIME.

the most emo sociopath ever meets the most stoic PTSD sufferer in history. THEY FIGHT CRIME.

That should go on the BBC trails for the show.

OMG, that's the best description ever. :D

I completely agree!
I'm dying to hear when they'll be able to start work on the next mini-series for it.

Fanfic ideas by any chance?

The next series will premiere in Autumn 2011.

Another three 90 minute episodes/movies. I'm torn, because this is the team that's made Doctor Who fun again and I want both of my shows NOW DAMMIT.

If I've interpreted your annoyance correctly, you are now officially a fan of Sherlock.

I love when my favorite authors join my new fandoms!

i hope you are inspired to write fic now :)

Wasn't that an AWESOME ending? Even if you wanted to scream, "NO!! WTF! HOW COULD YOU STOP THERE?" :D or maybe that was just me.

No, withholding information makes for an AWESOME surprise.

Glad you enjoyed :D

I personally withheld the ending because it would spoil that one 'HolyshitWTF NO REALLY?!' moment and that really needs to be experienced. :)

I hate and love you for it. Sherlock's hysteria over Watson and then his shock that he was freaking out was hilarious.

You'd've hated me more for spoiling you. I got a tiny bit spoiled and that ruined some of it. ;_;

From TV, yes?

Then check out the unaired pilot that's on the DVD... yummy goodness abounds!

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