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all livejournal, all the time, it's magical or something

This is not a crosspost since it's pretty much All About LJ.

Belatedly--I'm pretty sure anyone reading here probably already has a DW code if they want one, but if you don't and do want, comment, as I have eight and they should have good homes.

Er, and repetition is repetitious, but to be fair, I was indulging my id for days so missed this, I don't crosspost to facebook or twitter and I'd prefer any comments in my entries aren't crossposted either. Not like I can stop you and let's face it, the chances of me finding out are fairly low, but still.

Actually, what is the point of crossposting just comments?

These links are as much for my reference as anyone else's, since this weekend will be Update Everything Weekend at home and as my family's tech support, I have one desktop, two laptops, and a netbook to update, so I might as well do this.

....God. I have to update their McAfee and their Windows and install Office, too. How is this my life?

Via rissabby - Are you, too, frustrated by the new lj facebook and twitter connect buttons under your comments?, link to eruthros's LJ. Thank you!

Via trobadora - You can no longer post a non-anonymous comment without logging in. You can no longer post a comment under one account while remaining logged in to another account.[...] (edited per trobadora's eta and comment here)

Via Anonymous - Stop Others From Crossposting
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