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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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all livejournal, all the time, it's magical or something
children of dune - leto 1
This is not a crosspost since it's pretty much All About LJ.

Belatedly--I'm pretty sure anyone reading here probably already has a DW code if they want one, but if you don't and do want, comment, as I have eight and they should have good homes.

Er, and repetition is repetitious, but to be fair, I was indulging my id for days so missed this, I don't crosspost to facebook or twitter and I'd prefer any comments in my entries aren't crossposted either. Not like I can stop you and let's face it, the chances of me finding out are fairly low, but still.

Actually, what is the point of crossposting just comments?

These links are as much for my reference as anyone else's, since this weekend will be Update Everything Weekend at home and as my family's tech support, I have one desktop, two laptops, and a netbook to update, so I might as well do this.

....God. I have to update their McAfee and their Windows and install Office, too. How is this my life?

Via rissabby - Are you, too, frustrated by the new lj facebook and twitter connect buttons under your comments?, link to eruthros's LJ. Thank you!

Via trobadora - You can no longer post a non-anonymous comment without logging in. You can no longer post a comment under one account while remaining logged in to another account.[...] (edited per trobadora's eta and comment here)

Via Anonymous - Stop Others From Crossposting

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Hiya, I just edited my post - you can still post an anonymous comment while logged in; it was a Greasemonkey script interfering. The rest is all true, though.

LJ: finding new ways to be irritating...pretty much since the sale.

If you get a lot of requests for invite codes, I have 6 or so up for claiming.

Yeah, could I have a code for DW? It seems like a bunch of fandoms are moving over there. Might as well!Thanks!


Tell me if that one doesn't work!

It worked! Thanks. It's gonna take some time to get the hang of it over there.

I think I use it enough to offer, so if you need any basic help, feel free to email. Mostly it's intuitive, but for me, the small differences from LJ seriously would throw me off.

Good luck!

Thanks for the offer...I may take you up on that one day!

Did you notice that this post has created a pingbat_bot comment in trobadora's own post that you link to? No biggie since it's an internal LJ link but new 'feature' too.

I assume there is a pingback because both seperis and I have pingbacks enabled. (I deliberately unscreened it - jenn, let me know if you'd rather I screen it again.)

(Incidentally, I love pingbacks when they function as they should. They seem to be buggy at the moment, from what I hear, but I haven't received any that I shouldn't have so far.)

Ooops, forgot to mention that you should be able to stop others from crossposting their comments to your posts to Facebook or Twitter.

Details here: http://starry-diadem.livejournal.com/151782.html

*not sure that I understand the whole pingback thing... *

Oh, thank you! Adding to my list!

If it wasn't for the porn, I'd be on DW months ago.

Especially if, by DW, you mean "Doctor Who"

But seriously, if I get an invite will Dreamwidth make more sense to me? I can't grok it yet, it keeps asking me to log in again.

Re: I'd "love" to Facebook my TwitterJournal

(Irony intended btw)

Re: I'd love a DW invite

...honestly, I have no idea. DW's easy for me, and it's much more intuitive than LJ.


If you need help or a walkthrough or anything, email me at seperis at gmail or ask here.

Re: I'd love a DW invite

Okay, facebook logins are kinda adorable. I love the little f there.

If you still have any DW codes, I wouldn't mind one - ivyadrena(at)gmail(dot)com? <3

Crossposting makes sense to me. Someone can comment, “This fic was beautifully written, thank you for sharing it,” or “This meta post made me think about some things I never have before…” and click a button to post it to Twitter to give it a signal boost. But if people don’t want that to ever happen to their fic and meta, then I can respect that too.

As for using CSS to “disable” the buttons? No, it doesn’t. Trust me, I can still see those buttons in the methods I described in my post. And I can think of an example scenario when you wouldn’t want to hide those buttons.

Ok, this has almost nothing to do with anything you posted, but I have a question. Feel free to tell me to go away ok?

I just wanted to know if McAfee's logo and startup screen changed for everyone else also...or am I just going crazy?

Thanks for the links to fix the facebook/twitter things -- I jumped on them pretty fast.

Is there a DW code left, by chance?

Yep! Here you go!


Actually, what is the point of crossposting just comments?

I don't really know, but it's WEIRD. I have people I follow on Twitter who seem to crosspost every comment they make to the most random blogs. It's like the new it thing to crosspost every statement you make. This actually manages to bug me more than people doing the daily Twitter round-ups on LJ! Argh!!

Looks like you might still have some DW codes left - may I have one?

Thank you!


Good luck!

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