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So yesterday was my six month evaluation. Probation ends at the end of September, and the decision is made whether or not to hire permanent. So okay, Ididn't know this--Super I comes into the front and tells me she needs me in her office.

I *thought* she was going to talk with me about missing those two days this week from my and Child's allergies, so I sat down and tried to look really, really calm. She shuts the door. Let's sit at the table, she said.

Oh hell, I thought.

Then she brings out the evaluation forms.

Okay, so I'm not the worst employee in history there, apparently.

I was--really surprised by her evaluation. Warm-glowy surprised. Bouncy-happy surprised.

Which of course, means, screw it. So the new job would be a twenty-five percent jump in salary--this one I get to do what I think is more important. Plus, the fact is, I don't htink I'd be replaced too soon if I left, and we're understaffed in a budget conscious state already that's been cutting jobs out.

For some reason, that's actually a massive consideration for me. We're already overworked and working an hour overtime a day just to get minimal stuff done, not to mention the mandatory weekends. Every time I consider submitting my application, I think about the fact that I'm trained and the burnout rate of my job function is very, very high. It's not that I'm irreplaceable--it's that the state *won't* replace me if I go, or if they do, it won't be with someone with even close to my experience.

And they still haven't approved my handouts for use, dammit. I want those standardized and in use.

*sighs* And I still love what I do, even when it exhausts me and makes me crazy.

Blah blah blah my life is sooo boring.


But! Going to see Underground next weekend--I think that's the name. With the gothic-ish cities and the vampires and the uberhot girl with short dark hair? Oh yeah. I was all bouncy when I watched the previews. Screw plot. Give me dark, dank sewers and dark cities and rain and mmm. I'm telling you, The Crow still rates as one of my favorite movies just for the atmosphere.


Cool People

laurab1 made this.


It reminds me of a really, really cool movie poster. God DARN IT I wish I could make things like this. *happy*

Recs later. I need to catch up. Stupid dump of history folder again. Grrr.
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