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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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more recs, because I need the positive reinforcement
children of dune - leto 1
I have two days until we lose five testers and four contractors entirely from my department and I can tell you right now, this cannot end well. So instead of pondering how my life will turn into a darkness I cannot imagine, recs!

All Kradam, per usual.

Still Not Updated!

Starstruck by akavertigo - it's very depressing. I don't want to say I am crying, but in two days? It could happen.

New Ones!

Hunt - WIP - insanely well written--and I do mean extremely well written and stylish--vampire AU. Okay, here is where I just beg--please update this? Whoever wrote it? Please? Some semi-explicit violence, but this is me and I find it in this context kind of insanely hot? So yeah. This is good. Dammit. Worth reading for the flawless style alone even in wip form and yes, hot.

Soulmate Root by [personal profile] silsecri - Complete! Yay! Okay this is kind of insanely adorable. Adam tries to grow a soulmate. It's, IDK, adorable.

Steel Angel - Complete! It's a needle kink, so if that doesn't work for you, yeah, DNW. If you are neutral on the needle issue, yeah, go for it, like now. It's fascinating from a kink perspective as well as how they go about it.

The One Involving Ginger - Complete! I have no idea what to say about this, since most of us do not have issues with ginger but also probably wouldn't instinctively put it to this use. So that's kind of insanely hot, so you know, thanks, now I know what I'll be thinking next time I buy ginger for Thanksgiving. Explicit D/s.

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Starstruck not being updated makes me sad but Hunt's WIP status makes me want to cry. How do we find these anons and bribe them to write more. I can send sooo much chocolate.

OMG I KNOW. To both, but Hunt is like, haunting me because that writer is kind of amazing and if I've never read her work before, I really need to find it now and read it no matter the fandom. That's just exquisite style before the awesomeness of vampires.

Maybe we should start a chocolate drive? *hopeful*

Is it okay to launch a 'De-anon so we can worship...ahem....follow you' campaign? I just want an account to go to and read everything else. Sigh.

Also, your vampire fic was sooooooo brilliant. I love it! It's so wrong and so delicious and as a reader I don't want Kris to keep his moral fortitude at all. I'm glad he made the attempt because it was so in character and noble, but I'm like, baby--it's Adam and he's promising to take better care of you and give you all this amazing sex and why not believe the lie for a while, you don't have to care if other people get hurt. Fandom has completely rotted my moral compass...sigh, but it was worth it.

Just wanted to say THANK YOUUU for all the amazing recs lately. The kinkmeme overwhelms the hell out of me so I appreciate you combing through it, I know it's a ~task and all.

I'm still in mourning over Backwards not being updated. They'll come back, right? RIGHT??

The author outed herself in an early entry and promised she was finishing it. No lie, I squeed!

The kink meme is totes overwhelming. I have to stick with the ones that are indexed or someone tells me about, and there are tons I know are in there that I'll want ot read. *crosses fingers* Here's to the mod indexing more entries!

My reasons are very reasonable.

I've been mooning over Hunt since it first got posted. Oh, vampire!fic why doust thou punch my heart so mercilessly?

Ohh, I haven't read most of these (although I've been following Starstruck for over a month). The soulmate one sounds adorable.

I remember Hunt! I'd also (mostly) managed to forget it to save myself the pain of it being a permanent WIP. ;_;

Let me guess before I click. The Ginger one fills the figging prompt?

(Oh look, I learned a new word today! :D)

You are killing me slowly with these recs - but I'm loving every minute of it. Thank you!

Oh god. Are there really just the few scraps of Hunt I saw there? Because that is not fair

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