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more recs, while i sulk with pie in a cubicle

I am at work. On a Saturday. They brought pie for us, so I am eating Boston Cream Pie while working. It is good pie, but I'm still here, and I'm not sure sanity is going to survive if I start associating delicious pie == being in a cubicle. Just, no.

So recs! By that I mean hot. All Kradam, all the time.

hold your breath, it gets better! by [personal profile] moirariordan - magical flying carpet sex and Aladdin references. I will never watch that movie again without blushing, is what I'm saying.

Servitude by [personal profile] astolat - Egypt AU, mild D/s. Yeah. You really need more than that?

Bloodplay - added to my list of things I theoretically thought were kind of hot and now kind of want to devote an entire challenge to because hey, who knew? Truth in titling.

Insight by [personal profile] sprat - telepathy fic! Kind of hilarious and kind of sweet and then there's a jellyfish! Yeah. You want to know about the jellyfish, don't you?

And in case you didn't see it....

Papa Don't Preach: The Sexilogue by [personal profile] moirariordan for the porn we missed in the first fic. She is just that awesome.

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