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release the hounds upon yon oracle
children of dune - leto 1
Latest assignment - try and crash the databases since the Oracle fix was implemented to test system stability and program hanging.

Okay, fine, right now? I seriously love my job.

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Have fun with that! Try not to break the world oh my god they have no idea what they have wrought...

Your job sounds awesome right now. Mine involves finding the fucker who stole my danish and then coming in on the weekend when no one is here for the sole purpose of covering their entire cubicle, every single fucking available surface including the *floor*, in post-its.

Is this like being the chef and getting to break the dishes? Or the teller and getting to rob the bank? Or the fanfic writer who gets to...hmm, I don't know what goes with that. Wait- refuse to finish the WIP?

That sounds like the job my mom had before she had kids-- she was QA at an equipment makers, which meant her job was to try and break forklifts on a daily basis. Being paid to break stuff is always fun :D

Databases are FUNNEST. \o/

Hee! Mayhem & chaos to order. Fun times. :)

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