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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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thinking positive aka recs!
children of dune - leto 1
Yeah, I need to cheer myself up. All AI, all Kradam.

Completed! Papa Don't Preach (title will never not be awesome) completed! Kradam mpreg, and possibly a crossover with The Exorcist? Or Children of the Corn near the end. You'll see what I mean.

Added to! Queenrider K'ris Dragonrider AU with two new sections! And thank God for this: new sections 3A and 3B and anyone but me want to kill the entire weyr for making K'ris sad? Yeah. Exactly.

Not Updated Because She Hates Us! Starstruck by akavertigo has not updated. Not bitter, and she can thank K'ris for that, being all cute and downtrodden and seriously, his dragon should eat everyone.

Not Updated But Will Be One Day Soon Maybe? Backwards, aka The Spanking Fic of My Heart, and as I didn't know I a.) liked spanking fic or b.) liked enough of them to have like, a rating system, yeah, this. It's not complete, but um, pretty sure what's there will work for you.

Complete! Proof of Life by moirariordan - Ummm. Read prompt? Did you? Yeah. It's even better than that.

Complete! Jet Plane from Places prompt on teamcockert, yeah, go read right now. There is no possible way this will not improve your day and like, maybe your life and faith in humanity and like, IDK, level of personal satisfaction with the universe.

So porn really does make everything better, right?

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Not Updated Because She Hates Us! Starstruck by akavertigo

Seriously. Dibs on her liver. And maybe a knee cap.

Ha! I haven't owned my liver since sophomore year--in high school!

Y'know, I totally thought Moira did the PDP.

Still not entirely convinced she didn't...

Maybe? I need to re-read for style to check that one.

You are upset. I do not like this. Thus, it's time for a very important question: what's your favorite candy?

I'm writing Kradam porn in Statement'verse. Okay, to be fair, there's like, fifty thousand words of post-Statement fic with lots of porn.


"Though if we're going to role play--"

Adam groans softly when Kris rocks his hips, slow and dirty, always a tease, even now.

"--let's go all the way, innocent virgin comes backstage at this hot rockstar's concert," Kris murmurs, lips hovering only inches above Adam's. "I could ask for an autograph. Or maybe I could be a groupie? I was sent to wait in your dressing room until the show is over, but I'd never done anything like this before, you know?" Kris catches his breath when Adam cups his ass, spreading his knees wider. "Scared to death, but so hard I came in my jeans the first time you touched me."

"You know," Adam starts, then forgets what he was going to say when Kris kisses him, a gossamer touch that lasts barely the length of a breath before Kris murmurs, "I'd want an autograph. You'd write your name on my back when you fuck me over the arm of the couch, so I'd remember what it felt like to have your cock in my ass every time I took off my shirt and looked in the mirror. You'd tell me to come back when it faded so you could put it there again."

"Maybe I wouldn't let you go home," Adam breathes, tilting his head back as Kris skims his lips up his throat. "Fuck you in my bed on the bus until you're too exhausted to move, much less leave. Keep you there until the city is miles behind us and when you wake up, fuck you until you don't care as long as I don't stop."


Oh, you asked about candy? Right. Sorry! Chocolate, always.

purple links galore, nooo. i have nothing else to say now, so have one of my new favorite pictures of kris. may this can help cheer you up a tiny bit, too?

OMG the spanking fic. Dear lord even the comments are a turn on - how do you find these. Seriously I need a lie down after that.

IKR? Wasn't even my kink. Now it is. Just. Guh.

Well shoot. I was so flustered I didn't realize I sent that last comment anon. Now I will go and lie down

:( :( :( :( :(

you are a bad person for posting all about WIPs and luring other people into reading them even though lingering heartbreak waits at the end.


Some are done! And I'm pretty sure someone is holding akavertigo's kidneys hostage.

...she has like, a thousand wips!

Oh, Papa Don't Preach has a sexilogue, if you didn't see it.

*sends apologetic hugs*

Seconding the rec for cathalin's Jet Plane, because I might have read it seventy billion times already. kasdjfasdf

Kradam fixes everything! ♥

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