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there is not much really
children of dune - leto 1
So I did not get the job that I interviewed for on Tuesday--see, this is why I didn't post about it!--as the call was supposed to come today and there was none. Which okay, I didn't expect to, to be honest. I was kind of shocked they interviewed me. But it's still--well, let's say mpreg and darlulu's vid were kind of like, my happy place?

However, on a brighter note, Child got a website from my ex-bil and used it to set up a remote login to our home computer to get around the IP blocks that the school has installed in their computer lab and play Evony and check Facebook during class.

God, I have never love him more. And yes, tomorrow he has to tell his teacher and show them how he did it. Fine. But still. And I have to block that on the home computer and everything, sure. But for the record; if the class was teaching him something, he wouldn't be hacking, now would he? Or like, noticed him playing Evony and reading Facebook? Yeah.

Yeah, this.

Inappropriate pride for Child is very appropriate, actually.

ETA: The Kradam mpreg, Papa Don't Preach (do I love this title? Yes) is updated to part 5c. You know you want to know what happens next.

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Inappropriate pride for Child is very appropriate, actually

That is fucking hysterical.

When I have kids doing that, I realize that they're bored so I scold them and find something else for them to do.

What kind of supervision is he not getting at school? There are programs that let you watch what kids are doing and shut it off.

Teacher is lame.

Kid is evil genius.

I would be proud, too.

Hell, woman, I am proud of that child. You're raising a future tech millionaire there, I'd think. (And seconded - possibly an evil genius, too. Either way: good on you both!)

(Reposted due to html faaaaaaiil.)

That's totally a life skill.

Next: free cable.

I really, really love you for posting about your child's awesomeness. I wish my parents had been as supportive!

I really, really hate you for reccing wip:s, though. Reading them is like being John Sheppard strapped in an Ancient ascension-through-sex machine... hot and frustrating. (Where did I put that fic, again?)


... that's a fic? Link please!

Oh shit, ask someone else, I can't even remember who wote it. It was maybe for BigBang last year? By a BFN? With a short title? In three versions: Rodney's pov, John's pov or combined.

I really should have a better way of keeping track of fics than my memory(usually excellent) and my browser history...

Sorry :(

Delicious is your friend :P

Lurker says thank you!

Also, Seperis, your Child is hereby dubbed Awesomesauce in my mind.

completely appropriate

*applauds kid*

Your kid = awesome. Seriously, I wish I'd been that awesome in school.

Also FML with the amazing WiPs. Seriously.

i hope my son is that awesome when he's older. ^_^

I'm a teacher, and I think it's cool that he can do that. lol I don't necessarily think he should, but I think it's cool that he can. Props.

Child is awesome, and appears destined to be an evil genius when he grows up. You are either really lucky or really good. (Or both.)

fwiw, sorry to hear about the job. i recently took a friend out for drinks because she was feeling down about trying to find another job.

child is a future evil overlord mini mastermind -- i love it.

that mpreg fic just flew by so quick, i miss refreshing the thread and not-s-subtly checking my email about updates already.

Your child is amazing and I look forward to reading about him in the news and his attempts
( probably successful, btw ) at world domination. We can all say " I knew him as a boy, he was so sweet, I had no idea! ".

and thanks for the recs, I'm having trouble even keeping up with my emails and the thought of navi gating the kinkmeme overwhelms me......

Good for Child. The kids at my Child's school have that kind of thing all figured out - and as my DH puts it, "For what a school district will pay their computer techs, how good do you think they really can be at locking things down?" ;-)

Child got a website from my ex-bil and used it to set up a remote login to our home computer to get around the IP blocks that the school has installed in their computer lab and play Evony and check Facebook during class.
Cooooooooooool! He should teach online hacking classes.

Gotta say, Child Rocks!

In my day we were happy if we could simply sneak off campus for lunch without getting caught.

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