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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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here be recs aplenty
children of dune - leto 1
Who is epic? That would be darlulu who vidded Merlin to I'll Do Anything For Love by Meatloaf. Yes, the long version. No, the really long version of nine minutes. Yes! Who does that? She does! And it's totally worth watching. This is one of those moments where people will ask "Did you watch the nine minute vid to Merlin?" and you want to be able to say yes. Yes, you did.

Taking a moment from stalking akavertigo (and hey, who is holding on to her kidneys anyway?), Kradam Mpreg, yes, a wip recced to me by herself above. It's kind of hilarious and I feel bad for Kris and kind of hate Daniel but it's weird, I always love Adam even when he's a douche. Also, it's funny to see Kris panic. I mean, every day is panic day!

Okay, that's all I got. I'm trying not to look at the aianon anymore in teh next hour? For productivity!

ETA: Link to vid added. I swear when I did this it was here. Obviously it was eaten by monsters.

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i didn't think i'd see you rec'ing kradam mpreg. where were your flashing lights!?

oh, and even though it's crack (or rather, even though it's mpreg), you have read phaballa's fairy tale, right? ...right?

Edited at 2010-08-26 04:30 pm (UTC)

Some wonders are worth being an exception!

"If I'm dreaming," Kris announces to his empty bathroom, "then where the hell is Jake Gyllenhaal?"

It's like, I couldn't help checking! And it's hilarious. And ouchies, which is my favorite combination.


Brilliant rec on the Merlin vid. Epic greatness!

You! And akavertigo! Are going to be the death of me. I HAAATE WIP's and you now have me reading about applesauce and offscreen sex and dragons and mpreg. I'm going into the corner to sob now.

If it makes you feel any deaderbetter, jerakenn is enabling me to make some kind of mutant dragon fantasy menu--thing.

I've seen where some of your food ideas come from, so I can't wait to see what kind of a menu you put together based on kradam figurine cakes. I vote for the chocolate peanut butter krispie things I saw.

You really might make me feel better.

Like, like what if Kris was a chef--hired by a dragon?

I love this in principal, but I am (rightly) fearful of how your brain works. What does this dragon want his chef to cook for him? If it's Adam we might have a problem.

Why shouldn't he?

If I had my historical menu book I'd set it in the olden day with Kris' cooking being the reason Adam's not out stomping and roasting villages.

But as it is I'm totally okay with making a cracked out modern day version. Like a meal diary?

Breakfast: homemade merguez sausages w/ harissa, caramelized banana buttermilk pancakes, & Viennese hot chocolate

Lunch: couscous with seasonal vegetables and an onion raisin marmalade, roasted beet salad w/ warm goat cheese, pistachios, & horseradish cream, & light pineapple tart w/ cinammon

Dinner: tempura rock shrimp w/ black bean-jalapeño aioli & sweet chili sauce,duck confit w/ pommes lyonnaise & braised red cabbage, & fruit pizza w/ White Chocolate & sugar cookie crust

Broke in the new skillet. Vr nice. A said he liked the hot sauce: will make another pitcher tomorrow.

Still not eaten.

You totally need the historical menu book. Who knows what kind of odd dishes you could find in there.

And your menu/diary sounds great. Especially the "Still not eaten."

If Adam ends up on the dragons menu, what would be an acceptable substitute? Because we can't kill off one of the leading men of the story. So- if some groups substitute soy products for meat, what could we substitute for someone who glitters?

I'm sorry, I have trouble writing any scenario where Adam is not the ultimate force in the room.

I-I just can't think like that.

Of course he's the ultimate force! He's Adam Lambert! But how can he be the ultimate force if Kris cooks him for the dragon?

Unless he can then become the dragon?

I think you've skipped three steps ahead of me again.

He is the dragon.

Less of a skip more of a fell-down-the-stairs-screaming-again sort of thing. But, hey, that's how I roll...down the stairs.

I WANT him to be the dragon- I didn't even know that. You need someone to do art work for this! Maybe the cover of the cookbook for dragons or something.

As long as I can tell what direction you've tumbled off toward, I get a kick out of seeing what strange things you've come up with. I don't always understand your crazy, but it's fun rolling down the stairs with you.

...okay, we're totally fan-peeing all over Seperis' journal.



Quick! Get some absorbent glitter!

I'm fresh out, but I do have an invisibility cloak around here somewhere.

In LA.

Because dragons think New York smells funny and Chicago is drafty.

Having dragons in LA would explain so much...

...You got me hooked on Kradam mpreg, and it only goes to 3 parts. hatechoo.

There's a fourth part now!

aianon intimidates the bejeezus out of me, what with its eleventy billion pages. And how to keep up with new entries? No, no, no. I rely on you to tell me which ones to read, yes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Apparently I'm in love with any Kradam rec you mention. Please continue to rec.
Thank goodness this one finished. I think. Unless there is a panicky labour scene. Sometime.

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