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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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so this made my day better
children of dune - leto 1
So the fanfic gods listen every so often. Who knew?

Another Kradam Dragonriders AU with a twist. And there really, really, really, really needs to be more. Yes, please.


Starstruck updated to 8B(II), if one is not tracking, which I thought I was but apparently no. I'm not bitter.

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Oh My Stars and Stripes Forever! Please! Keep me up to date on the Starstruck updates!!!

If I lose trace on this story and don't get to read the end in a timely manner, I think I may just explode and crash and burn and crumple up into a ball!

Thank you so very, very much for the rec, and thank akavertigo for her clever mind and crazy talent!

I am going to check daily now. And stare in akavertigo's direction accusingly if there is not a new part each day.

Wait, you were serious about that?

*innocent* I am serious about so many things, I lose track all the time! Specifically?

Ugh I saw you say that Starstruck had updated and went to check but no, it was the part I read earlier today. I needs my fix :(

Sorry! I added the part number in case that would help.

Yeah no worries, I'll just blame Akavertigo :D

I resent you just a little bit for linking all these fantastic Dragonrider aus that leave me wanting more. ;_; Is this like pain shared is pain halved?

But seriously - thanks for the rec! Even if I'm going to be going "Where's the rest of it?" with the rest of the masses.

Now that's just mean. Proving that you're (not so secretly) evil? I'd just finally escaped the kinkmeme!

(I can retaliate! Like with this if you like the occasional, slow paced high school!au or this or this or this... This would work better if more of them were WIPs and if you haven't any of them yet, but lalala, that won't stop me.)

thank you for directing me to the Starstruck update.

She's just playing with us isn't she.

Pretty much, yeah. I'm voting we never give her kidneys back. STAY IN THE ICE BATH akavertigo!

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