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How to make me pout myself into hysteria (if you are not akavertigo, who already does that):

Dragonriders of Pern Kradam - I did not know how much I wanted this and it is only two comments. Dammit. To be honest, I didn't know I wanted it. Now I do. I want like, a series of strangely intriguing novels, and yeah, I agree; if I were a greenrider, I'd be like, stabbing people when they said my dragon was proddy. Oh yeah. See if they liked that prodding.

I am connecting.

So basically I'm going to be torturing myself for a while reading prompt answers blind never knowing if they are finished (if you are one of those who wrote like, multipost porn and then stopped and at least one involved spanking? Oh my God. I almost failed a script at work out of spite or possibly like, not paying attention, IDK).

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