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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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rec: starstruck (wip)
children of dune - leto 1
For the record, if the Taming of the Shrewesque fic isn't updated soon, something tragic is going to happen. I have no idea how the people who have been reading this since like, May aren't burning cities or threatening hunger strikes or something. Has no one attempted blackmail or bribery? What are you waiting for?

Wait, there may be people who aren't reading this yet. Oh, you.

Direct links to all four threads in the aianonlovefest:

Starstruck - thread one, thread two, thread three and thread four, AIRPS, Adam/Kris. Yes, you have to follow it through comments. Yes, that would in a sane world be annoying. This is not a sane world. This is an awesome world that trust me, you really won't care until you realize there is no more. Then you know, tragedy.

In which aivilo_18 hates me and sent me a link so I, too, could connect with feeling like a heroin addict in withdrawal in a really big way (I sent it to [personal profile] svmadelyn, so this is actually turning into a The Ring-like situation, except a.) giving it to other people doesn't help and b.) no one crawls out of any electronic devices, which is good, because now I'm creeping myself out, let's ignore this segue now, please). I love this story stupidly and I think have memorized key passages and have a Pavlovian response to the parts that involve food (ie I snack) and possibly an interest in wine? I don't--like wine. And yet.

Oh, and I posted In the Land of the Delta, AIRPS, Adam/Kris yesterday to LJ. Forgot about that.

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As one of the people who have been reading it since May, I will say that burning cities and hunger strikes are very tempting. The urge is somewhat alleviated by all the other fic she's been writing. If you haven't read it, here are some links.

God be with you. *salutes* I'm ready to organize a small but very well armed militia at this point.

OOh, links. Thank you!

*laughs* She's been saying that people are going to come after her with pitchforks. And back in May, everyone was gaily like, oh you, haha, take your time!

The torches are lit, now.

You've read the rest of her stuff, right? And you know about Kradamadness?

I have I think read all of it now. I am at the sulking place of intense sulking. So much sulking.

oooh, that's a great one, but i'll admit, what i'm really in love with by her is her doors 'verse (here and here) and her other monster!adam story (which is also in the kink meme, starting here).

Edited at 2010-08-22 11:46 pm (UTC)

....so the goal is to make me cry.


O Ye of Little Faith

Of course we have tried to bribe her. We are fandom. It's what we do. Folks have offered fic, withheld fic, offered firstborn children, realized that rearing an extra child will not lead to an *increase* of writing time, offered to undertake the rearing of her firstborn child, lit pitchforks, sharpened torches, whined in entitled and unentitled ways, and, finally, collapsed, sobbing in the corner realizing that she feels neither pity nor remorse. As flies to wanton boys are we to this author. She taunts us for her sport.

Or however that quote goes.

Going to check the latest thread to see if she's updated. Back in a bit.

Re: O Ye of Little Faith

I feel we need to escalate the situation now.

Well thanks a lot for that. Sheesh. Now you have one more person salivating for more Starstruck. Granted I obviously have not been waiting as long as you have but seriously. That was just cruel.
One of the funniest snarkiest fics I've ever read and it's a WIP
Could you at least post if it ever appears somewhere again.

Why was it chasing all over the threads? bizarre.

But too good to miss.

No, I jsut got it a week ago. And have done a lot of desperate re-reading. *Sad* But it's suffering, okay. Lots of it.

I will post the moment I know there is more of it.

*hands* It does help my pain to know others are suffering as well? Not much. But a little.

Y'know I'm pretty sure there are laws against having one personal fandom idol post this sort of thing.

Like, unspoken laws.

That said...



*narrow eyes* You are totally trying to distract me from the militia. Cthulhu? My very favorite of the Elder Gods? A stripper AU? That's cheating.

I can't even figure out a good bribe yet. This may require research.

okay but HOW do you TRACK that fucker? like, when she posts a new part, how do we KNOW?

Edited at 2010-08-23 01:01 am (UTC)

I just track the latest thread. Whenever she moves to a new one, she posts an announcement and link at the end of the previous thread.


I make good cookies? And I love you? Like, a lot. Oh my god, you have no idea the ways in which I'm loving you right *now* because, in some places, it's illegal. Hell, it's probably illegal *here*, and this is Toronto. Practically anything is allowed here.

Also...::coughs::...Ummm, it's aivilo, not avilio? No biggie or anything, though. Just, future reference?

Fixed. Dear God I spellchecked twice for names. Blame the fic! Yesss. It's akavertigo's fault!

You are wonderful for posting those links and also a total sadist because *it cannot end there*. *refresh* *refresh* *refresh*

*hands* suffering shared is sadistic pleasure earned.

I commented in the aianonlovefest....but I am saying it again here
has anyone told you lately how bloody beautiful you are?
I loved this fic and thank you for writing .....ciao

Y'all are killing me. But I like it. *waits* *hits refresh*

Are you still thinking up bribes? That's the nice approach. I think we need something meaner, but I'm not sure. Fire and pitchforks don't seem to be doing the trick either. We need to turn up the heat- folks out here (that means ME!) are dying. WHAT DID ADAM PROMISE? WHY DO YOU TORTURE US LIKE THIS?

*ahem* Anything you can do to prod her forward, I will owe you copious amount of your favorite tea. Or wine, if you're imbibing by then.

*curious* I was wondeirng if the promise was a reference to Kris being Adam's date for after the first time someone broke his heart and Kris said he'd cross the ocean to get drunk with him?

Okay, hte irony appeals to me. Because--yeah.

Are you taunting me with those three little ...'s?

We are collectively falling apart here- you have to hurry!

HOLY FUCK I LOVE THIS POAST! Pls do continue with the WIP taunting ppl. I'm gnashing my teeth at you know teh fact they are works IN PROGRESS but so much goodness *rubs hands in glee*

May I have more please? :D