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beta please?
children of dune - leto 1
Um, I need a beta, AIRPS? I finished one of the monster AIRPS for help_haiti (I know! I looked this morning to be sure!) but this isn't that one, since I have to do an edit myself before I let any other human being edit it. This one is the one I wrote in a fit of celebratory sleep-deprived post-horrible-work-day glee.

*hopeful* Anyone busy? I have no idea why I am awake before ten on a Saturday, no. Oh wait, Child's school orientation, that's why.

Maybe I'm not awake? I'm hopeful.

(I blame One Less Reason's new album. I had it on repeat and Someday is like, stuck in my head.

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Useless as beta as English is 2nd language but YAY to two stories from you being finished :D

<3 <3

I think I'm writing in that genre known as weather-idfic or something.

Heeee :D yay! So, that's rain and __? ;) (I love all your fics in all fandoms so far...)

(Deleted comment)
Email me at seperis at gmail? I'm spellchecking now (dear God), and I'll attach and send.

Thank you!

*raises hand meekly* I'd be happy to!

Looks like you got great people, but I'll be around most of the day, with short periods away, if you want another set of eyes on it. :)

Also, yay!!!

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