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vividcon- the hangover
children of dune - leto 1
Home from vacation and Vividcon, which was, to understate the case, amazing. Met some incredible people, broke a shoelace on my boot (before I got to wear them!), watched incredible vids, bonded with several types of alcohol, and became a twitter addict.

I'm going to say, twitter becomes much more understandable as a concept when you are a.) drunk b.) bored or c.) spending a lot of time with [profile] jarlsberg71.

Actually, this year was shockingly better for being actually, you know, social and stuff, partially because it is kind of difficult to get freaked out about whether someone likes you or not when you spent Club Vivid and most of the night drinking with them and they don't kill you when they had the chance (or push you down the stairs at the first opportunity; there were many, many opportunities). Even I have to take that as a positive sign.

More later, though how much later depends on how much work hates me. I'm still in con hangover, shocky and excited and utterly wiped out on sheer fannishness with more vids to watch, rewatch, and drool over happily. It was, in a word, amazing.

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[smushes you]

Who could possibly not like you? This concept confuses me. :)

It was so so so awesome seeing you again, sweetheart.

Missed you! Glad awesome times were awesome!

It was good to see you again! Friday night was definitely fun ;)

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