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so it's really dark with a decided lack of drunken people

Dear Horace,

Mea culpa, I looked upon the spread of food on the table, and lo, there were in fact questionable things, and I ignored them and not only ate heartily, but didn't even take medication beforehand that probably would have headed this off.

I mean, I hate you, but we'll split the blame on this one.


Dear Vicodin,

My aunt keeps offering me oxy. Please do not put me in a position where she might actually convince me to take it. Seriously. Hurry the fuck up.


This would irritate me less if it wasn't always settling in my back so hard. I mean, not that there is ever like, a preferable way, but even when it's mild it makes pretty much all positions but the position of proctological fetishism uncomfortable and I'm not in a mental place to deal with looking like that. Call it ego or vanity, it's just embarrassing.

In other news, went out with the kids into the waves today as to satisfy the weird issue I always have with sea water; I really feel I have to be in it. I don't know why, but if there is a body of ocean-like water, my first instinct is to leap into it.

It was ridiculously warm, body-temperature blood warm, and not nearly as hot today as it should be for a Texas summer. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's nice, but that doesn't make it any less unsettling. Not that I didn't frolic around in it like I'd just discovered salt water and found it addictive or anything. And not like everyone else wasn't doing the same thing.

Tomorrow, the agenda is getting up, breakfast, water, nap, sitting on porch, lunch, nap, porch, water, porch, supper, water, porch. I love my schedule like you have no idea. I am thinking of fitting in another nap, though.

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