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Okay, can't rest worth a damn--tired and wired.


New icon.

It's my new moody icon, sorta. I'm sure it says something about the state of my mind, but I don't care.


I've been falling down here. But then again, how can I be blamed? I didn't know about josselin Thank God these people friend me or I'd be seriously losing out.

Post 3-14 snippet. Totally fun.

Also read these: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Then there's London's Magnum Load. Happy.

And for some reason, I lost my mind and forgot to mention this one.

The Errand by silviakundera. Oh MAN this rocked. In every kind of way possible. Justin does Michael a favor. Or two.


He got the cell open with shoulder and teeth. "I don't care what you're doing right now, you're giving me phone sex."

"When did you get so *demanding*, Taylor?"

"I've fucking earned it," Justin snarled, "And you don't even want to know what I've been given permission to do to you. I have a list."


Webpages and Livejournals

I'm organizing my friendslist again and trying to separate SV from QaF--mostly because I'm bored and figured, what the hell? It's this or redesign the damn webpage again and I'm not nearly done from the last time, since I hate how my index2 page looks. So far, the only thing I like is the splash. That's sad on a variety of levels.

Also, I forgot--four stories have been added to my webpage: Find Me, Cleaner Than, Five Very Good Reasons Not to Date Luthors, and Show. All were released on LJ but nowhere else, and at this point, I'm sure I had a reason for that, but have no idea what it could have been. Sitting here.

Okay, really will do something productive now. Or take a nap and get this ickiness under control.
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