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after midnight by the water

So I worked until noon today and at the very last minute I finished everything. I did not say "bring it, bitches", but you know what, I thought it hard. On the way here I had a fairly severe gall bladder attack (my own fault; I was stressed and hadn't eaten due to stress and then could not stop eating because food yes) and took vicodin and spent the first two hours here curled up in bed with a huge smile on my face because finally, I'm here.

Anyway, I'm currently on the porch in view of the Gulf of Mexico. It's a little cloudy so right now, all I can see is the moon hanging overhead, but I can hear the water and the breeze is cool and heavy and salty and amazing. It's incredibly hard to be even a little unhappy surrounded by all of this. I don't think I knew how badly I needed to come down here and just breathe.

I am a little stoned from the vicodin, yes, but mostly I'm just stupid-happy to be here. I'm going to walk in the sand and play in the gulf and run after small children and wear sunscreen like a responsible person and make at least three sand castles. I'm not going to put on normal clothes until Tuesday, which is why I collect bathing suits, and I will forget the purpose of shoes. I'm going to spend the afternoons sitting on the porch reading fic or writing fic and smiling like an idiot. I will take naps and dream of endless stretches of sand to run on for hours.

I'm going to drink lots of tea and laugh myself hoarse and bury Child in the sand and maybe bleach his hair again because he really loves that and why the hell not? And I will buy salt water taffy, because it is awesome.

It's really good to be alive.

(Child says hi, btw. He's napping on the porch by my feet, sleepy-cute and eyes slit open to watch me type.)

So yeah, kind of feeling good today, in case that wasn't clear.

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