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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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i am no longer peeved with the universe
children of dune - leto 1
Dear Horace you fucker,

Okay, got it. Now you hate Taco Bell, too. Seriously, two nights in a row, don't you think that's a little excessive?


Dear Vicodin,

Any minute now, thanks.


Okay, so add that to the list. For the record, I don't think it's fair that food that was already previously proved fine is now turning on me.

Weirdly, I think I'm done with pissed. Come on; I'm up at three forty five in the morning and I have to do magic tomorrow at work to finish up my assignments so they don't pull my leave, and I still have to do laundry when I get home for when we leave on Thursday for the beach and I'm averaging three hours of sleep a night, but otoh, I just realized I can wear my platform boots with the dress I bought for Adam's concert for Club Vivid and as it turns out, I'm very much a girl. That makes me stupidly happy, because those boots are pretty much inappropriate for anything and it's been killing me not to wear them, even though considering their heel, they could also kill me wearing them. What-the-fuck-ever.

For reference: me in the dress, taken by [personal profile] boggit while we were waiting in line. It was a long wait, okay?

I take what I can get. Even Horace cannot compete with the moment an outfit comes together.

ETA: Seriously, vicodin. Any minute now. This is fucking with my porn writing now.

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having had my gall bladder turn on me, I feel for you.

Good luck in getting rid of damn thing.

Seriously, vicodin. Any minute now. This is fucking with my porn writing now.


Before my surgery, I ended up eating the most bland stuff imaginable. Lost a lot of weight, too.

Sorry that the pain killer isn't working.


somehow I expect you to look like Adam, in your icon. My brain, it is so stupid.

So, you don't know me, but I stumbled upon your few Merlin recs on Dreamwidth from forever ago and then I saw this and your Horace entries and I was like, "OMG SOMEONE KNOWS WHAT I'M GOING THROUGH." And now I'm commenting. Hi~

But seriously, gallstones are bitches. I don't even have Vicodin, I have some other pain medicine that probably isn't as effective and DOES NOT REALLY WORK EXCEPT FOR THAT ONE TIME and my family applied for health care that will help with the surgery cost for me but it doesn't start up until August 1st and then who knows what we'll do.
My suggestion: burning hot showers. Maybe a bath would work as well, but I haven't tried it. When my gallbladder decides to attack me viciously, it's hard for me to keep still, so laying down is never good. Ice helped for a bit but then the pain became immune to it or something, I don't know.
The worst part about the hot showers - taking five in less than five hours, taking them at 3 in the morning because that is my gallbladder's favorite torture time or something, and wondering if I will fall over because I get so damn tired.

Sorry for the random comment, but... finally, someone knows what I'm experiencing and I just felt like letting it out :DD

Question: how long, exactly, have you been dealing with this? For me it's been a few months, but luckily it doesn't attack often. Though it might be getting worse, because recently it lasted 2 days and then attacked again a few days after that.

*grins* Mine started in May, though I didn't get the diagnosis until June.

But seriously, gallstones are bitches. I don't even have Vicodin, I have some other pain medicine that probably isn't as effective and DOES NOT REALLY WORK EXCEPT FOR THAT ONE TIME

I just tested this the last three times and try this; when you feel even a twinge in your back or wherever it usually starts (I've gotten superaware of the first symptoms, which for me is it soreness under my right rib and what feels like backstrain in my lower back or between my shoulder blades), take a pain pill right then. Then wait and take a second one about thirty minutes later (depending on dosage). If you can medicate when it's still just kind of annoying, then it tends to either completely disappear or be really, really light. I also take a pepcid ac before I eat or right after, just in case.

*sends huge sympathy* My surgery is the last week in August. I'm wondering if I'll have any foods left by them besides breakfast tacos. *sighs* Good luck!

^_^ I think mine started sometime in March... I don't know when we finally found out what it was, though.

Okay! Thank you! I've been trying that, though one snuck up on me yesterday... a hot water bottle and then some ice packs helped, but the medicine did nothing, once again, haha... but I think it normally works... I bought some pepcid ac yesterday as well, and I'll probably start taking it like that, as well. Thank you~!

Gah, you see, the insurance group decided to deny us after accepting us - apparently we make 200$ too much for them to help. It's absolutely ridiculous, though; I wish they'd have denied us weeks ago so we could already be figuring out what to do next. *sigh* Thank you once again, though, and good luck as well! ^_^;;

Sorry about the food drama and the pain :( I don't have gall stones but I have eczema and 5 million allergies that act like an intense case of gastro when I eat yummy food so I sympathise *hugz*

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