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vid rec - lacrymosa by solestella

If you are a period drama person--which I am--you already spend a lot of time squeeing over every ball scene because you get to see the penultimate show-not-tell; dancing is how we know our couple is meant to fucking be. Gloved hands, careful distance, each stylized, formal movement that never comes too close and the most explicit thing you will ever see is clasped hands.

Everything, everything is conveyed in matched body language; the synched movements of their bodies, the unflinching eye contact that lasts the length of a life and when they look away from each other, you feel it like a shock of cold water.

That's a lead-up to this vid.

Lacrymosa by solestella - multifandom - this is an almost-eclectic mix of both period and modern dance, both formal, semi-formal, and casual. Above and beyond the amazing use of movement that's carried between cuts--which I love fast cuts, the faster the better, so this works for me in a big way--it also manages to carry the similarity of body language and expressions of sexuality and passion that's implicit in period and explicit in modern dance as well as formal dance.

I talked about movement--this one is all movement, above and beyond this being, y'know, dance. The continuity between clips is unreal--while the times change, the rhythm and the meaning don't, and matching a Regency country dance to ballet to the waltz to the tango shouldn't be this flawless as she carries the emotion and meaning between them effortlessly. Especially recced for the bridge, where it's all passion, focusing almost entirely on every way that dancing conveys passion and want and desire, and how no matter how it's expressed, they're all very much the same.

This isn't sex; this is everything that comes before. This is yearning, when everything you are is focused on that one person, this one place, because it's going to happen, you know it, and this is where you can't do anything but show just how much you want it and what you'll do to get it.

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