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period drama, i will never quit you

The worst time I can possibly get into a period drama mood is right before VVC; I want vids that are All BBC All The Time and also, you know, good, and I can't find any. My standards slowly but surely raise during the month pre-VVC, because I'm rewatching Premiere or hitting my vid collection and re-reading my old vid recs and you don't watch youtube period drama montages set to music for consistent theme, point of view, or meaning--you watch them to see Darcy, Thornton (holy God), Bertram, and every Austen and BBC period drama hero ever walk around being hot and brooding. Except this is pre-VVC, and I want more out of my goddamn romantic montages. Cutting on the goddamn beat, okay, I'll settle for five hundred My Heart Will Go On if they cut on the beat.

(And have wonderful moments of dissonance playing British Actor Bingo cross-referencing BBC period drama and Dr. Who; it's the most awesome thing in the world.)

Then there's the--other ones. That I love like stupid and everything, and objectively I know maybe they aren't magical but then there's a three second clip of Richard Armitage brooding in a window wearing a cravat and come the fuck on; I'm so in.

I'm super stupid for these.

Period Romance Montage to Run, performed by Leona Lewis (also includes the Titanic and Anne of Green Gables. Seriously!) I may have bought this song just now.

How Six Period Drama Collides, music performed by Norwegian Recycling, I think?

Period Romance Drama to Life After You, performed by Daughtry (I love this one like you have no idea; I sing along to this one while sniffling. That bit with Thornton staring broodingly out of the window; my God. And Edmund running after Fanny!)

You Wait for Rain - period drama all in the rain. *hands* Seriously. It's All Wet, All Rain, All Period, All the Time. Hello, welcome to my kinks. This one has a theme.

All the Right Moves - period drama dancing! This is the porn of period drama--oh, don't look at me like that. Obviously you haven't seen Pride and Prejudice. Or Emma. Or--well, what did you think the dancing was supposed to symbolize?

Hungry Eyes - ..okay, this is the porn of the period drama. Yeah. Go now. I mean, right now.

Note on this one: find this vidder, someone. This one could be kind of amazing; watch her scene choice and her cuts. I need to look at the rest of her stuff.

One day, I am going to buy a vidder at VVC, hand them a pile of BBC period drama, all the music I don't admit I own, and look really hopeful. Sure, they might kill me later, but oh my God. So worth it.

I have very specialized vid shame. It involves cravats, petticoats, and, um, running in the rain. Bring your judgment. (Or possibly, bring me your recs; going through youtube like this is killing brain cells that could be used admiring men in cravats.)


Here With Me, The Young Victoria, performed by Sarah Brightman - just, IDK, the music and the effects seriously work for me. And the speed. I like things with fast cuts.

Tanglewood Tree from Fingersmith, performed by Chris and Meredith Thompson - I wrote a lot of fic after watching this vid. This makes me want to read the book. A lot.

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mardia recs I've Been to a Marvelous Party here. Also located at youtube here

meretricula recs Just a Girl from Much to Do About Nothing here.

serrico recs Lacrymosa, period and not period, here - I just watched this one and it is utterly, utterly gorgeous.

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